Quote of the Day: Daddy Bear

Delta Bravo puts a smile on my face with this one.

Just read Marko’s post about Jay’s post about Weerd’s post about Sean’s post about a man who was shot by muggers after he had given up his wallet. Weerd, Jay, and Marko all discuss whether or not it is morally right to use lethal force in order to protect property. I thought I’d ring in with my two cents.

Now a certain awesome Librarian once said:

Ever get the feeling that the blogosphere is one big echo chamber?

I must say, I read Sean’s post and wrote my post, then read Alan and Jay’s, and now Marko’s, and Daddy Bear’s. And I can’t say its an echo chamber but more of a resonator. Like the body of a guitar it takes the sound made by the string and adds volume, tone, and add character to it.

I don’t feel I was echoing off or Sean, or the other posts echoing off of me. We all have something unique to add (even when on this issue most people are pretty close in ideology) and it makes the story bigger and better.

I applaud how the blogosphere works, we take good things and make it better!

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  1. DaddyBear says:

    Dammit, I missed Alan’s post.

    I just found it funny that I read the thread backwards and I realized how long that chain got.

    And I’m with you on that this isn’t an echo chamber. A lot of what I do is riffing on what you and the other cool kids are talking about.

  2. Bob S. says:

    If one person says “I believe this”; that person could be a kook.
    If two people say it, then they could be friendly kooks.

    If thousands or millions say it, then it is a movement, a shared principle.

    How do you know what people believe and how they got to that belief if they never write about it?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      VERY interesting point! One I should have realized.

      We flood the anti-rights blogs with our comments and links back to our own blogs that talk about support for private sales, constitutional carry, and abolition of the ATF and the NFA et al.

      Meanwhile they have just them, and they all draw a paycheck from the same .org, so we call them kooks.

      Very good point.

  3. Linoge says:

    And now Wizard has chimed in as well: http://www.wallsofthecity.net/2011/07/on-killing-over-stuff.html

    In reality, we are less of an echo chamber, and more of a polishing wheel – someone says something, someone else takes that and expands on it (or hones it into a better argument), someone else-else takes that and…

    After all, it is a rare occurence that a great idea is solely the product of a single person…

  4. Well, I was going to say something, but it looks like I got here too late. BobS and Linoge already said it all.

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