Quote of the Day: Democratic Underground

I was amusing myself watching Mikeb302000 get berated over at the Democratic Underground Forum. Seems that even this Left-Wing forum has no interest in Anti-Rights boilerplate, much like the Ultra-“Progressive” Daily Kos, over at DU I found this particularly poignant comment.

You know how it is with them, guns are corrupting devices. There would be no criminals without guns

Kinda how they see it, isn’t it. Go have a look if you want to see the lies of the antis getting punted around without mercy.

It certainly appears Gun Control has become a Extremist ideology.

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  1. Jack says:

    Magical thinking at it’s finest.

    You know… Lord of the Rings was fictional.

    But hey, why let reality intefere with utiopian dreams.

  2. Linoge says:

    That moron is still getting his ass handed to him at the very place he was relying on for moral support and traffic numbers?

    It must suck to realize that your position is so universally reviled and ridiculed that no one is on your side :).

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