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We all know that Media Matters is a constant recipient of Joyce Foundation monies to write hit pieces about the 2nd Amendment and US Gun culture.

But not all shills are paid.

Last week, a gun blogger going by “Eric at the Gunmart Blog” writing at ammoland.com broke with the gun industry trade association National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) over its recently made-up terminology, “modern sporting rifles.”…At the well-read The Truth About Guns, they weren’t buying the NSSF attack, going beyond Eric at Gunmart’s critique, calling NSSF’s terminology “a failed attempt at O[r]wellian language modification”:

We’ve heard about these jerks before. We’ll hear about them again. When your “Pro-gun” message is the lead of the anti-rights talking points, and your words are NOT being twisted out of context I wonder whose side you’re on!

There are enemies of our rights who walk among us claiming to be our friends, but friends they are not. I’m a huge fan of the “Big Tent”, but there are limits to everything.

As far as “Modern Sporting Rifle” goes, I don’t use the term. I don’t have any problem with it, but “Rifle” and “Carbine” are much simpler and straight-forward terms.

Also I’d like to add to those who don’t like those terms. There are a lot of ARs, AKs, and similar firearms out there in private hands. What are they being used for? Seems there are a lot of targets getting shot, a lot of animals being harvested…and not that many assaults. I’m just saying.

But yeah, my FAL? It’s a “Rifle”.

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  1. mike w. says:

    Big surprise. We already know that Gunmart is a rude asshole and a content stealer……oh, and TTAG steals content too.


  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    WTF? The “Well Read Truth about Guns?” If they ain’t on the Black List, they ain’t Well Read!

    As to “Modern Sporting Rifles”, I do think they are Biased to the Eugene Stoner designs. But since the NSSF is playing “Sauce for the Goose” against the Antis and their Assault Rifle Phobia, it’s okay, I guess.

    Of course, they could also lump in Glocks and Saigas and call everything “Modern Sporting ARMS.” And we can then point to some recent Supreme Court Decisions and tell the Antis that since we have the RKBA, we choose to exercise it by using MSA’s. And when they whine about “What possible Sporting Use is there for these Hi-Cap, Black Death Machines?”, we can just do a Side-by-side of Olympic Pistol Matches with the Cuban Shooters vs. an American 3-Gun Match. Think of the look on their faces when we say “Even Castro allows Gun Competition.” That should screw with their Commie Brains.

    • Robert says:

      Instapundit still links to TTAG every once in a while; I don’t think he’s gotten the memo yet. That’s probably where most of Farago’s site traffic is coming from.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Given that Glenn is fairly friendly, and a regular reader of Say Uncle who has covered this as well as anybody could expect, my guess is “Doesn’t Care”.

        I know Glenn is friendly to the 2nd Amendment, but I’m not sure HOW friendly. That’s my issue with people like Farago, they’re fair-weather fans of the 2nd Amendment, and have proven that their ideas are up for sale, and their willing to support or admonish any cause that generates traffic, this could lead other fair weather 2A supporters down the path to the slaughterhouse.

  3. Linoge says:

    NSSF was kind of stupid for trying to force a neologism to stick by vigorous assertion.

    GunMart is definitely stupid for knowingly giving ammunition to the enemy.

    And Farago? Well, Farago is still a dick.

    But, really, who reads the last two any more?

  4. Cargosquid says:

    Gunmart? Someone reads Gunmart? Really?


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