Remember when the Tea Party Did This?

Headline: “Drug, vandalism arrests at Occupy Boston”

Bostonians Isaac Bell, 34, and Charlene Dumont, 31, were both charged with distribution of a class A drug (heroin) and possession with intent to distribute a class A drug within 1,000 feet of a school zone, police say.

The 6-year-old child who was living with them in a tent is now staying with family members, police said.

Bringing a small child to stay in the camps is a VERY questionable thing given the amount of violent crimes and riots that seem to be constantly happening in these little Anarcho-Socialist paradises, but of course if your vocation is peddling smack, well then this is safer than a big corporate McDonalds Play Place!

At the Bank of America building at 100 Federal St., vandals spray-painted “Occupy,” “Bad for America” and “Yer building is crowding our skyline,” while the international anarchist symbol was painted on buildings at 100 Summer St., 101 Arch St. and 65 Franklin St.

The words “Burn the Money” was painted on buildings at 99 Bedford St. and 9 East St., and a profanity was painted on a downtown Starbucks.

We hear all about the Tea Party protests doing extensive vandalism too, so its all morally relative, right? Oh wait, the Tea Party protests get permits, pay for security and resources, and then police their own garbage after a gathering.

Where do you stand?

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  1. alcade says:

    I think you’re too hard on these druggie liberals. If they want to bring their stoners to the socialist revolution, let ’em. We can bring ours.

    Heh heh heh.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    When Grandma goes to a Tea Party Rally, she picks up after herself, because Great-Grandma taught her “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

    When Free Loading, Sleeping in Grandma’s Basement while Blogging on the Web while being Stoned Waste of Space Grandson goes to a “Occupy” event, he doesn’t pick up after himself, because that’s Grandma’s job.

    Therefore, it’s all Grandma’s fault.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    What Grandma doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt her. ; ) After all, how many times have we read news stories where Grandma comes out and says “My Grandson COULDN’T have Murdered that man. He’s a GOOD BOY.”

    Remember your Post about the Baby Boomers.

  4. Axess Denyd says:

    When stupid people used to draw anarchy symbols in high school textbooks and I would inherit them, I would take my own pen and convert them to Star Trek communicators.

  5. Flora says:

    *As a note before you read this, nothing in this post is supposed to sound confrontational, and if it does I apologize in advance.

    I just have a quick question for you, have you actually been down to an OWS Boston gathering? If you have I’m surprised you’re grouping this in specifically with socialist/anarchist liberals, and if you haven’t I would suggest going and talking to them about their political beliefs. You might be surprised at how bad the mass media is representing them, a couple people believing in anarchy and spray painting sidewalks and buildings does not mean that the entire group of people do that or feel that it is productive.

    Also on your comment about drugs at the OWS gatherings I cannot say much, except for that during the times that I have been down to check it out (Yes, I have stopped by on occasion) there has been little to no drug use visible. Also just because people at OWS Boston are doing drugs doesn’t mean they are the only people doing drugs earlier this year a bunch of Police Officers in Arizona were busted for selling heroin. Oh and also human trafficking. All shapes and sizes can do drugs and other worse things. (

    OWS is about socialists, anarchist, or violent revolutionaries, its about two big things 1)Helping the 99% of Americans who are tired of the 1% getting huge tax breaks(The 1% for clarification are CEO’s and heads of huge corporations that are using our tax money to give themselves multi-million dollar bonuses), via way of 2) They want to get the money corporate money (notice who is getting most of the tax breaks) out of politics. They want an a government run by the people for the people, not a government run by the corporations for the heads of the corporations. They are not politicians, they are not trying to turn America into a socialist or anarchistic country as the major corporation owned media is trying desperately to convince you of.

    Now I know you like to push against the grain, but I really suggest you going down there with an open mind and just interact with them, ask people about their political beliefs, I’m sure you’ll get a wide variety of answers.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yawn. Nope haven’t been because I have a job and no trust fund.

      As far as what they’re for, you’re 100% correct about the “wide variety of answers”, you can say what they’re for or against, but there really aren’t two people at any of these groups that could agree about anything. As for what goes on there, I’m simply pointing out that my tax monies are going for police overtime from the various criminal activites and riots that have happened, as well as the constant destruction of public and private property.

      I recognize your email, but I don’t recognize the screename you’re using, but I hope this isn’t just a one-off readership.

      • Flora says:

        Don’t worry weer’d its not a one off readership (its Mot). I generally don’t have the time to respond to your posts, so I just read and try to make mental notes about things I potentially bring up next time I get the chance.

        And you’re completely right about your tax money going to pay for the police overtime, but its also going to Bank of America so that they can start charging their users more money for using debit cards while their CEO gives himself bonuses in the hundreds of millions. I’m not happy about the police officers, but I’m less happy about paying his salary.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Well that happens to be one of the several things the Occupy X people and the Tea Party Agree with.

          Now I’m hardly a Tea Partier. Overall I think waiving signs doesn’t really accomplish much.

          Still I get rather pissed when I hear all these awful things said about an exemplary group, yet this rabble of lawless and violent freaks gets a free pass.

          Doesn’t matter WHAT they’re protesting at this point (not that any of them know either) as their behavior has spoken louder than their words.

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