She Got Game!

So I had a dental cleaning today. It was in a new office this time, and my hygienist was very good. She was gentle (seriously I had one hygienist jab that hook into my gums, then tell ME I had to be flossing more…doesn’t matter how much I floss, hon, you stick a hook into me blood WILL come out!) and she was chatty enough that I didn’t die of boredom, but no so much that I was frustrated by all the hardware in my squawk-box.

Still I was most impressed that at one point she was buffing my teeth and she just out-of-the-blue said: “You know if you really like tea there’s this great shop at the mall!”

Now she was buffing out my tea stains and really putting some elbow grease into it, but I asked her how she knew it was tea, and not coffee.

She said she couldn’t explain it, but she’d just done so many teeth she knows how tea looks vs. Coffee.

That’s impressive!

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  1. RedeemedBoyd says:

    That’s almost worth driving to Mass to experience.

    Almost. It IS a dentist, after all.

  2. alcade says:

    The over chatty ones tend to get on my nerves too. It’s not bad if they ask you yes or no answers, but you’ve got some that push it.

    “Who are your three favorite English authors from the Victorian period?”

    I’ve got a pick in my mouth, what do you want from me?

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    Had one *once* who was spectacularly endowed, lovely to look at, and gentle but firm in all the right places – and it nearly killed me when she leaned-in to demo how to floss properly, the full body rub was insane. I could hardly wait for another visit, but she was gone…

  4. Kilted says:

    Went to the dentist once, and he had me wait for a moment before he checked in on me at the end of the cleaning because he had to explain to another patient that his teeth were beyond saving. After giving the guy the news he came in and said that while the other guy had serious issues, I and my teeth were just fine. With all the hardware in my mouth I gave a little “woo hoo” that made him and the hygienist just about die.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Good to hear! I hate dentists!

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