Slow Morning

Got up late, had an upset stomach last night that is waning but still there, and I’m swamped at work.

Still before I forget about it I thought I’d share my strange dream I had last night.

Now before I start, again I’ll note I was indeed having some digestion issues last night. Generally that results in some freaky nightmares, or some bizarre tours of an MC Escher dream-scape.

Nope, last night I dreamed that Linoge and I, and a bunch of friends who must have been from central casting, because I knew they were my pals, and I was happy they were around, but I sure as hell had no idea who they were, or even their names, were waiting in line for what was told to me was a summer cucumber eating contest.

It was just us standing in line and talking about random shit. It was just an asphalt parking lot, and I couldn’t even see any cucumbers or tables or anything…nor did I know what a “Cucumber Eating Contest” entailed, and if I’d be playing or just watching other fools.

The one real oddity was a man pulling a red wagon filled with Akita Puppies and one slinky old white cat. If you went to pat the puppies the cat would go Exorcist and hiss and spit in the most loud and vicious way I’d ever encountered….so I left the dogs alone.

That was the dream. A bit strange…but really I was amazed just how fucking boring it was. I’ve read that everybody dreams every night, and just most of the time we forget them. Strange that such a forgettable dream was remembered…..

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  1. bluesun says:

    While I don’t own a technicolor dream coat, I’m sure it’s a sign.

    You need a puppy.

  2. The cat: Representation of an aloof Government that doesn’t want you to do anything for yourself, hence dependant upon them (I always knew cats would try to take over).

    The puppies: Representation of your rights that the cat won’t let you have.

    The cucumber: Representation of the governement distraction. That thing you want, but ultimately, never get to see. (Bet you thought I was gonna go with Dr. Freud didn’t you?)

    The parking lot: Representation of the waste land that this country is becoming. A place to “Occupy” with little else.

    So you are faced with the Great American Distraction while trying to get your Rights back, but the government won’t let you, and you see the results all around you in an Occupied, yet vacant, landscape. Your “friends” from central casting are all of us fellow bloggers you haven’t met. We are in the same predicament. Linoge being there is someone you recognize to be in the same situation. Because you are familiar with him, it allows you to be anchored to the dream by having a familiar and common ground personality with you.

    OR… I could go with Freudian cucumbers if you like? 😉

    Disavowed With Honor

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  4. Linoge says:

    Definitely hoping we were watching, and not participating… No wonder I was so tired this morning – I was putting in guest appearances in other people’s heads!

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