They Know, Part II

Bears in the City of Attleboro

**UPDATE** Sorry about the autoplay, I added the page break. Video below the fold.

A little more serious than the Moose is Scarborough, tho a Moose is no joke either. Another reason to carry a gun. Also note how the police are considering the safety of the bear over the safety of the residents.

Of course its illegal to discharge a firearm inside the city of Attleboro, I’d take my chances if I felt threatened.

Pix of Teddy here.

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  1. RedeemedBoyd says:

    One thing in here strikes actual fear into every fiber of my being. He uses two words in succession which should never be:
    Environmental Police.

    Do you actually have such an evil organization in Mass? If so, it’s one more reason we need to overthrow these nitwits.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Worse, we have Federal cops from both the EPA and NOAA, and god knows how many other federal agencies who deal with pollution, land use, and conservation.

      I had a boss who was a retired “Fish Cop” from NOAA enforcement. He had a badge and a Sig Sauer back in those days.

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