TSA: Thugs Stealing All

Another big win for the Filthy perverts at the TSA.

A woman who just flew back home from Las Vegas says an airport security officer confiscated her frosted cupcake because he thought the icing on it could be a security risk.

Rebecca Hains said the Transportation Security Administration agent at McCarran International Airport took her cupcake Wednesday, telling her its frosting was enough like a gel to violate TSA restrictions on allowing liquids and gels onto flights to prevent them from being used as explosives. She said the agent told her the frosting was conforming to the jar it was inside.

Really he was hungry and that Cupcake looked damn good to him, and it was time for a “Security Risk”. Ever notice they can’t seem to find the guns, knives, and bombs…but they sure do find booze, laptops, and expensive electronics. They find stuff fine if its worth stealing.

BTW this woman is from Mass and I’m shocked at this statement.

Hains ultimately surrendered the cupcake. But she said the situation highlighted a lack of common sense by the agent and the ludicrousness of TSA policies.

“It’s not really about the cupcake; I can get another cupcake,” she said. “It’s about an encroachment on civil liberties. We’re just building up a resistance and tolerance to all these things they’re doing in the name of security, when it’s really theater. It is not keeping us safe.”

WOW generally Massholes are bred to be loyal sheep, good on her for noticing the man behind the curtain, and the pederast with the blue gloves.


This story brought to you by the BLNN

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  1. Give the guy a break. We all know he had the munchies after smoking some weed found while searching someone’s bag.

    I also love the half of the cake the took.

    I’ve reached the point where I don’t just want the TSA disbanded. I want all those who worked for them tarred and feathered, followed by a rail out of town.

  2. alcade says:

    That’s actually a pretty damn good quote for an apparently extemporaneous interview. Maybe we should replace the snake on the Gadsden flag with a pastry!

  3. Nomen Nescio says:

    in a semi-vacant office next door to where i work, they occasionally run competency tests for various jobs. prominently the TSA — my local airport must have a pretty fair turnover among the trained simians association.

    every time i walk by that door and see the “TSA testing here today” sign up, i spare a little bit (but only a very, very little) of pity for whatever fools would actually willingly take that sort of job. instead of doing something productive and respectable — i mean, like playing the piano at a whorehouse or something.

    hell, i’m not sure pickpocketing wouldn’t be a more respectable job than TSA goon. i’m told it’s become a dying craft, these days.

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