Why We Win: Shooting is Fun!

I saw this in the office today.

Note that there’s a full page story with that photo above the fold in the BOSTON GLOBE!

BTW it was shooting trap with the Second Amendment Sisters that got my wife into shooting.

Check the footage of any anti-rights rally or gathering, first you need to note if anybody shows up You’ll see nothing but unhappy faces.

So even beyond the self defense and individual liberty, GUNS ARE FUN! Being anti-gun is not fun, and is an flawed ideology being shilled by unhappy people.

There’s only one way that can turn out!

Oh Update! Check out Lissa having a hellovatime doing some IDPA!

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  2. Lissa says:

    Why thanks! I seriously hope the weather is less smoldering next match, but I kinda doubt it – it beingFlorida and all.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s one of the downside of living in the Dick-Shaped-State. octogenarian drivers, hurricanes, and summer weather that will melt your fillings!

      Meanwhile we hooked up our AC this weekend and only used it for a few hours, and yet I still Envy you and Mike. As much as I miss you guys!

      Enjoy what you have!

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