Won’t lie its a catchy song, but DAMN that video is stranger than most of the J-pop bizzaro I’ve seen.

Now I have a philosophical question: What happens when a J-Pop star (or their art director) drops acid? Also are psychedelics in common use in Japan, or have the people simply trained their minds to see the world in such a way?

Thanks Tam for opening my mind! WOAHHHH!

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  1. PISSED says:

    PeeWees PlayHouse..meets Hello Kitty on Acid…

  2. Weerd Beard says:

    You know Rob Zombie was one of the Set designers and art directors on that show, right?

  3. Linoge says:

    Is that the Japanese pop star that does not exist? (Some lead singer is actually a computer-rendered animation constructed of the bodies and faces of all her “backup” singers, and apparently no one outside the band knew for years.)

    … I ask after carefully not pushing the “play” button…

  4. bluesun says:

    Yes! Another weapon in my ever-escalating war with my brother for weird music!


  5. alcade says:

    Oh My Gawd! I have that Exact same outfit!

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