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Manufactured Problems

We all joke about the Anti-Rights “Blood In the Streets” and “High Noon at the OK Corral” predictions…but yet they still exist. My Dad said to me the other day: “You know they’re making open carry without permits legal in … Continue reading

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Coddling Criminals

Crap like this makes my blood boil. Con receives disability for PTSD after serving time: A convicted Bay State killer convinced the Feds that his 15 years behind bars were so stressful that it gave him PTSD, clearing the … Continue reading

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Old Gamers New Gamers

Saw this on IRC as I woke up. Neither parties are me, and honestly I don’t even really talk with either of these guys, but I thought I’d share: PARTY 1 warcraft 3 was one of my first PC games … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Killer Swan

Seriously Swans have a seemingly placid demeanor, and their monogamous mating habits have long made them a symbol of lasting love. But the creatures — generally snowy white, with long graceful necks and a black “mask” around their eyes — … Continue reading

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Oh, this is Great!

Airports are waiving background checks on employees. Employers at some U.S. airports are being allowed to hire workers without completing all background security checks because of a backlog in the screening process, federal officials said. The backlog and resulting relief … Continue reading

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The Other Side of “Gun Death”

I don’t see it very much anymore, but often the people who use “Gun Death” use that metric to not only demonize guns, but also give the illusion of safety. “Why do you NEED a gun, we have almost no … Continue reading

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Buddy at work was musing at how they have pit bulls fight for sport, he suggested sticking mixed-species who are known to be ornery into a steel cage until one expires. He suggested an Ostrich and a Camel in Thunderdome. … Continue reading

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Constructing a “Progressive” Argument

A comprehensive and well-made list of Fallacies. If you’re a “Progressive” you’re going to need them! What’s hilarious was I could toss a Joyce-Funded anti-gun comment into EVERY one of those.

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More WTF from Massachusetts

Concord Proposes Cat Leash Law Wednesday night, voters at Concord’s town meeting will vote on a new leash law – for cats. Lydia Lodynsky tells The Boston Globe that the bylaw that would be similar to one already in town … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” WTF??

Jennifer already covered it, but its too crazy to pass up. The mother of a slain Oklahoma City man said her son, who was born a dwarf, was no match for the near 6-foot woman who killed him, apparently in … Continue reading

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