“Gun Death” WTF??

Jennifer already covered it, but its too crazy to pass up.

The mother of a slain Oklahoma City man said her son, who was born a dwarf, was no match for the near 6-foot woman who killed him, apparently in a fit of anger.

Clara Ann Blocker, 40, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Cleveland County District Court to using a crystal ball and a DVD player to beat Erik Scott Saxton, 41, to death. Blocker was sentenced to life in prison on a first-degree murder count in the September 2010 slaying.

You can’t make this shit up!

Hey but this is what the people who talk “Gun Death” are dreaming of, the big killing the small, and using nasty things like DVD players and Fortune Telling equipment.

This isn’t a “gun death”, so to those who hate freedom, this smells of paradise!

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