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“Gun Death” Offroad Vehicles

This is really as much of an Anti-Rights, not Anti-Gun story, as much as it is a “Gun Death?” story. Police in a growing number of U.S. cities are trying to silence the roar of dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Muddy Waters

King of the Electric Blues!

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On That State Police Junk Scientist

This is a huge mess! Chemist Annie Dookhan was ‘‘Superwoman,’’ a colleague at a Massachusetts state crime lab used to joke. She seemed unstoppable in her quest to please prosecutors, police and her bosses, testing two to three times more … Continue reading

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More Black Market Economy

Tax stuff enough, people will smuggle it A joint US-Canadian investigation found C$200,000 (£125,600) of cheese and other products were illicitly brought over the border into southern Ontario. The smugglers sold large quantities of cheese, which is cheaper in the … Continue reading

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Beard Beer

Honestly not as strange as it sounds: A local brewery went rogue to find yeast for a new batch of beer. Rogue Brewery used a sample from the beard that Brewmaster John Maier has been growing since 1978. As a … Continue reading

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A Bizzare DGU

I wonder if there is more to this. A man fatally shot a masked teenager in self-defense outside his neighbor’s house during what appeared to be an attempted late-night burglary and then discovered it was his son, state police said….A … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Stabbing

Where guns are banned Police say a man wielding a knife has injured four people in the third such rampage in South Korea in less than a week. Note the commonality of this kind of attack in this nation. We’ve … Continue reading

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I Missed This One

When talking about the fading of global environmentalism, I missed Silent Spring. Reason rips it apart!

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Hennry Rollins and a Robbery

I’m not a big Black Flag fan, but I love Rollins’ Spoken Word performances. When seconds count, the police are minutes away!

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Evening Tunes: Tom Waits

I’ve always wanted to sell a quart of blood and buy a half-pint of Scotch….do they even sell half-pint bottles anymore?

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