More Black Market Economy

Tax stuff enough, people will smuggle it

A joint US-Canadian investigation found C$200,000 (£125,600) of cheese and other products were illicitly brought over the border into southern Ontario.

The smugglers sold large quantities of cheese, which is cheaper in the US, to restaurants, it is alleged.

The other two men charged were civilians, one a former police officer.

This is one of the reasons why I’m cautious of the battle-cry of legalizing Marijuana that is “Legalize it and tax it!”, often the legalizing of the drug is promised massive tax revenue. Still you tax that weed too high people will just continue to buy it illegally. Its not like this was ILLEGAL cheese! It was just cheaper cheese!

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2 Responses to More Black Market Economy

  1. karrde says:

    Cheese. Wow…

    I live in the Motor City area, and I’m told that there used to be a brisk business in cross-border sales of cigarettes. Because Windsor (and most of Canada) had much higher cigarette taxes than the United States did at the time.

    I didn’t think that cheese fit in that category, too.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Canukistan has always had high tariffs.

    Canadians always turn trips shop into shopping trips, and often wear crap clothes going south, and new clothes when going home.

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