Americans With Disabilities, Reasonable and Unreasonable

When I saw the headline, I had one post stuck in my head…then I read it:

A man with a disabled right hand, arm, and leg, is suing Bank of America, saying while his bosses at Merrill Lynch accommodated his disabilities, BofA wasn’t having it when the company took over.

Daniel Herrmann, 38, worked in customer service for Merrill Lynch and later Bank of America before he was allegedly fired in 2010 for coming back from lunch one to two minutes late, ABC News reported Wednesday…..his new supervisors didn’t allow him enough time to type information into the computer between calls, causing his productivity to drop, he says.

“Dan was repeatedly told that accommodating him ‘wouldn’t be fair to people with two hands,'” his lawyer Emily Town told ABC News.

Now I think there are limitations to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the Animal Husbandry field its expected you might have to lift a 50lb sack of feed or bedding for your work. If you’re the receptionist for a business, and have an uncontrolled seizure disorder, you might not be the ideal face for your business if the first impression for customers is you convulsing under your desk. If you’re a paraplegic, maybe EMS, Fire Fighting, or Law Enforcement isn’t the career path for you.

Still this case reeks of straight up bullshit. Two minuets late for a lunch break? Really? Not given some extra time to enter data into the computer, given that he has a disabled hand? Man this case just stinks. Could be that we’re only hearing one side of the story, but as I read it, I think the bank is being unreasonable.

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5 Responses to Americans With Disabilities, Reasonable and Unreasonable

  1. Erin Palette says:

    Having worked in the mortgage field of banking from 2005-2007 (I saw all the signs that the bubble was going to burst, but noooo, don’t listen to me, you go ahead and buy all those companies that are going under) I can tell you that Wachovia, Wells Fargo etc were involved in some really shady stuff at the time. So not only do I find this level of douchebaggery to be plausible, I think it’s quite likely. It would take a lot to get me to say “Now wait just a minute” in regards to anything the corporate side of banks do these days.

  2. Jake says:

    It looks like he’s going to have a good case, since it seems his job didn’t change at all when BoA took over, and Merril Lynch was accommodating him.

  3. chiefjaybob says:

    A massive bank being unreasonable! Unpossible! This is my shocked face.

  4. Isn’t Bank Of America the one that dropped McMillan Group for being a gun company?

    (That news was out in April… I haven’t heard much about it lately. McMillan’s Facebook page does mention it from time to time.)

  5. Rob Crawford says:

    If you’re dinging someone for being 2 minutes “late”, you’re not a manager, you’re an overseer.

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