And These Idiots Teach Our Kids

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They say Hunter’s sign for his own name “Looks Like a Weapon”. Watch the video. First you have to be very dumb, or very high to think that. And you just need to be VERY dumb to think that even your best handgun gesture (I prefer two fingers to the one) is somehow a threat or a problem. Sure maybe if the kid is going overboard with pointed fingers saying “I’m Going to Shoot You”, or other threats, I can see that as being OK for a reprimand. I don’t have an issue with “Cops and Robbers” or “Playing Soldier” or “Cowboys and Indians”, as its natural play, and does NOT have a negative outcome….but if the school wants to ban “Violent Play” I won’t argue too much (but will call them idiots behind their back).

But this is a deaf child signing his name from an established language! For those turds in the school I have to say:

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  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    You think if someone named their kid Gunner the school would try to make him change his name because it has the word “Gun” in it? Same thing.

    My 8 year old (3rd grade) told me this weekend that at school she had an assignment to write something about a family member. She picked me (yes, I am a proud daddy). When I asked her what she wrote, she said that she wrote that I make cool things with leather and that I collect guns.

    I’m just waiting for the fallout on that one.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or even if the kid was a Swede and was named Gunnar or some other spelling of the word (which apparently means “Soldier” or “Warrior”). Close enough.

      Frankly I bet “Hunter” is offensive enough for these soft-headed fools.

  2. Critter says:

    I <3 Kristen. 🙂

  3. Vector says:

    You can just call me Vector. I hold no title over ancestral Vector lands. Considering those lands are in central Maine, I’m not sure I want them anyway. 🙂

  4. Jake says:

    This kind of intolerant idiocy just pisses me off. How many times have they confused this kid into thinking his own name is somehow “wrong”?

    If it was my kid, my response to the school would be “Go [email protected] yourselves.” And I would quite happily repeat that on national television.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I hadn’t even thought on how it might effect the kid. Kids at this age often view all adults as experts and infallible.

      Hell as a personal story my folks worked hard to make it so I wouldn’t need daycare or such when I was young. Mom worked a night shift and Dad was a teacher. Still when I started going to school Mom took a better shift, but it meant I needed about an hour of supervision before school opened, so they hired a woman who lived near the school to watch me and a bunch of other kids and then muster us off to school.

      She was horrible. She would cuss and swear at us at the drop of a hat, and then wouldn’t be around when her dick of a grandson would start throwing punches. Also I don’t know what the other family issues were, but allegedly there was always an older person (everybody looks like adults at that age, but she might have been a teen) who was “Sick in Bed”. Could have just been she was sleeping in, could have been a substance abuse issue, or health issues, could have been a ruse. But any childhood noises were greeted with swears.

      Finally when Mom decided I was old enough to lock up and head to school on my own she told me I wouldn’t need the sitter. I expressed how pleased I was that I wouldn’t ever be going back there.

      Mom was shocked as she hadn’t heard anything of how bad she was. She asked why I hadn’t told her things were so bad, and I noted that I assumed that as another adult she was right, and that was how Mom wanted it. I’m sure I was also afraid that if I complained I might be punished for “not minding”

      Kids can be funny when it comes to adults. This might leave a lasting mark on a little boy who already has some troubles thanks to his disability.

  5. BobG says:

    Sounds like they should fire the school board members and hire some adults in their place.

    “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.”
    – Mark Twain

  6. Daniel in Brookline says:

    In the fantasy world inside my head, I wish that, every time a school board or a principal overreacted to guns or kids whispering “guns” or drawing pictures of guns or (heaven forfend) pointing forefingers at one another and saying “bang bang”, the entire faculty / school board — NO EXCEPTIONS — would be packed off to a weekend of mandatory firearms training.

    No exceptions, no excuses. (Why? Because they don’t allow us any, that’s why.)

    Is it too much to ask that, if our schools are going to go on and on about how dangerous guns are, they should at least know something about them first?

    • Archer says:

      See now, THAT would make sense. But, you’re forgetting who we’re dealing with here.

      School employees. “Educators.” People who are trained to think they know everything, who work in a “Gun Free Zone” put in place by other people who think they know everything, who think (and therefore know) that Zero-Tolerance and Political-Correctness are good “common sense” values, and – scariest of all – who are paid to pass on everything they “know” to our children.

      (In fairness, I’ve had some REALLY good teachers. All my science teachers in high school were outdoor-types: hunters and anglers. But I’ve also had teachers who, if they taught every factual thing they know, could cover their entire curriculum in about 3.5 minutes talking slowly.)

  7. HerrBGone says:

    I was going to say something snarky like “The Stupid is strong with this one.” Except that it doesn’t come close to expressing my outrage at Hunter’s school. This level of asshatery is simply beyond my comprehension.

  8. Greg Camp says:

    In more than a decade of teaching, I’ve spent some time in urban high schools. What we see here is simple stupidity. We can talk about how boys like guns and violent games–to me, that’s life and not a problem. But that’s got nothing to do with the kid’s name. Some people can’t get over their own way of seeing the world to get a clear view of reality. One point needs to be emphasized: Teachers often know what would work, but they get so much shit from above and below and all around that there’s not much that they can do.

    But there’s a bigger point here. What I’ve seen in schools is that silliness like this gets everyone’s attention, while the constant cursing, threatening, unwillingness to work, and general attitude from students that they’re going to be wildly successful pimps and drug dealers, so why bother with school all gets ignored. When the teachers try to do something about that, they get scolded for repressing the child’s culture or personal expression or some such rot.

    I could talk for days about what’s wrong with our schools, but this incident does a good job of illustrating the point.

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