Anti-gun Gropus aren’t just anti-freedom, they’re anti-women. Just look at this tweet by Joan Peterson

@ProtestEasyGuns – outrageous to see Komen Foundation pushing sale of pink handguns for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The gun in question is here, a Walther P22, not one of my favorites, but I know several women who have one and it is their FAVORITE gun.

The gun is being sold to raise money to research better treatments for cancer and help women who are fighting the disease.

Oh and guns, you know the type of tool that will allow a woman who’s 100lbs and weak from chemotherapy fight back against a healthy attacker.

Gun control, the groups that would prefer women get cancer AND raped!

Classy people!

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  1. Roadkill says:

    Wow, you’re nice. I wouldn’t go so far as to refer to them as ‘people’.

  2. Wally says:

    Damn. I wonder what it is like to have no soul. Having too many friends and family suffer such a debilitating ailment (some twice, and some not lucky enough to make it that far) there is no reason not make everything as easy and effective as possible. Especially when the disease and treatment both come with quite limited mobility.

    I have a pink 22 inbound. An instructor buddy has approached me about building an all pink 22 for a charity fundraiser. And reading your post has given me a heck of an idea of my own…

  3. Janelle hates pink. But I think knowing that it causes Joan to cry she might want one. Hell, I’d shoot it knowing Joan sheds a tear every shot.

  4. Cargosquid says:

    I stopped by her place. Its sooooo empty. It seems that no one is commenting. She’s gotten boring…er. Its as if its…too easy.

    I’d be curious to see her blog stats. She keeps claiming to have a lot of readers…but the only commenters other than the usual suspects from her side….the same three or so, or pro-gun people.

  5. I totally stole that line and tweeted it.

  6. SGB says:

    That’s awesome.

  7. I am not a fan do the Komen people, but this does shed an even brighter light on the anti gun folks. They don’t care if we die, they just want us to do it in a violent way that furthers their cause…perfect! Yeah, I think instead I will carry a gun and just feel my breast every month or maybe ask my husband too, he like me alive and is willing to do whatever to keep me that way:)

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  9. Linoge says:

    Certainly not the best gun in the world.

    The trend of slapping pink on everything and saying it is “geared towards women” drives Better Half and me right up the wall.

    But, damn, given that the money is going to support an emminently worthy cause, I wish them the very best of luck, and hope they can sell all of them they can. But, then again, I am not so blinded by cultish zealotry that I cannot see past the object involved on to the cause it is supporting.

    And, on a related note, I know of at least one woman for whom this is her preferred carry gun, despite people trying to encourage her in different directions.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah, Mrs. Weer’d is a purple girl not a pink one….and on top of that she thinks any gun that isn’t silver or black is “ugly” so there’s that.

      But to be fair this is Not slapping pink on things and saying its for wimmins, its slapping pink on things and saying its for Breast Cancer….and well actually donating money.

  10. Eck! says:

    Well the pink gun is ok, I sorta like the SR222, That it irks the gun grabbers is better. The only fail I see is Komen get the money. I’m all for breast cancer research being a woman but, when Koman stopped supporting Planned Parenthood (they support poor and uninsured with
    breast cancer screenings) it sorta bugs me some.

    But hey. if joanie gets apoplexy over it, there is a good side then.


  11. Larry says:

    She’s having a fit over a .22? Really?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I doubt she could even explain to anybody what a .22 is, let alone what the “LR” behind it means.

      • chiefjaybob says:

        Well. I just looked it up. “LR” stands for “Long Rifle.” Do you understand that!?!?!? LONG RIFLE!!!!11!1!!!! IT’S A RIFLE BULLET!!!! IN A HAND GUN!!!!11!!! ZMOG! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?!? WILL YOU NOT BE HAPPY UNTIL EVERYONE DIES IN A SHOOTOUT!?!?!?

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  13. JDRush says:

    I’m guessing this has more to do with the general issues of Planned Parenthood and SG Komen. The gun is just the vessel here. Besides, Smith & Wesson makes one too. In 9mm. You know, it holds 17 rounds and has better sights than the stock M&P9. (If you like fiber optic sights)

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