Compare and Contrast

I thought I’d pare these two stories, first Via Mrs. Weer’d

There is a simple power story often told about such behavior: research shows that people with more power tend to pay less attention to others. They are more action-oriented, pursue their own goals, and exhibit disinhibited behavior in part because they believe that rules don’t apply to them; they are special and invulnerable….First, a definition: narcissistic leaders, as research by Stanford colleague Charles O’Reilly and colleagues notes, are characterized by the traits of dominance, self-confidence, a sense of entitlement, grandiosity, and low empathy. As Michael Maccoby pointed out in The Productive Narcissist, many well-known, even iconic leaders such as Martha Stewart, Jack Welch, and Bill Gates are almost certainly narcissistic personalities, and narcissism is useful for attaining leadership positions, maintaining power, and even stimulating creativity and innovation. O’Reilly’s research on narcissism among Silicon Valley executives shows that narcissistic CEOs earn more, last in their jobs longer, and also have a larger gap between their pay and the pay of their senior team.

Evidence from surveys of college students shows that the level of narcissism has been rising over time — a possible answer for why leaders today are getting into more trouble than in the past. And examinations of the structure of narcissism and how narcissistic behavior differs between men and women helps explain the gender imbalance: “Past research suggests that exploitive tendencies and open displays of feelings of entitlement will be less integral to narcissism for females than for males” simply because women face more social constraints and social sanctions for grandiosity and self-aggrandizement than do men.

I would also say the 24hour News Media is giving more fame to more Narcissists, which allows them to get in more trouble.

Compare to Joan Peterson who says ITS GUNS!!111!!

You choose, which is more logical and “Common Sense”? *snicker*

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