Cool Knife

Was helping a buddy of mine clean out a storage locker he filled up when he sold his house.

One of these came out of one of the boxes.

Wow, the thing weighed practically nothing, didn’t quite feel titanium light, but its obviously to the touch not stainless steel. It was also scary sharp. I brushed my finger over the blade gently and decided to better test it on my thumb nail…glad I did!

Blade and handle are a carbide monolith with a hollow grind. Man it was a nice knife!

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  1. Cool. Not $306 worth of cool, but cool none the less. Besides, we have a legal issue with carrying non-folders in MD.

    I like the sharpening angle guide that’s built in. That’s a neat feature.

  2. Roadkill says:

    That is a seriously sweet little fixed blade. Most sea knives have high chromium content steel to deal with the salt water and thus usually do not hold a good edge. There is no iron in this and at least a few knife guys are saying that the metal wears like a 154cm(lots of Benchmades made of this stuff, great steel) and can be resharpened with a stone like normal steel blades. No rust and a great edge. How perfect for cutting ropes! Fascinating knife, Weerd. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Robert Evans says:

    I’ve been eyeing these knives for a lot of years, and thought about getting one more than once. He used to make them out of steel about 20 years ago, they were sold in the Atlanta Cutlery catalog back then, less than $100. When he switched to “dendritic cobalt” he priced himself out of the mass market. Nice if you can afford it.

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