DGU In the Belly of the Beast

Just read this report of a Defensive Gun Use in in California.

The Twin Cities Police Department said Leone was held at gunpoint while Cutrufelli searched the home for valuables.

But at some point, Leone managed to get his gun.

In the resulting gun battle, Leone was shot in the face, and Cutrufelli was shot three times.

Police arrested Cutrufelli after he fled the house and called 911, saying he had shot himself. He is being held on suspicion of attempted murder and burglary.

Both men were listed in stable condition.

This took place in Marin County, so I looked that up.

Marin County has 56 residents who are licensed to carry concealed weapons into movie theaters, restaurants and just about anywhere else, short of a courtroom. That breaks down roughly to a license for only 1 out of every 4,410 residents.

This shows how gun control laws work. The criminals have their guns and use them, and don’t fear retaliation. The strict laws did NOTHING to stop this. Thankfully this man repelled the criminals and is in stable condition.

For case like this, this is why I carry at home. I get up, I get dressed, and the gun goes on. I don’t look for a reason because If I could FIND the reason to carry I’d have a better plan, like alerting the police before he got to my house, or before the attacker mugged anybody on the street.

Such conjecture is fantasy, so always be prepared for bad things, so you can enjoy life knowing you have a backup plan if things ever get ugly.

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