Do Bullpups Suck?

Before I got into shooting, I LOVED bullpup rifles. Balance, more efficient use of space in the rifle, ability to make a non SBR rifle the size of an SBR.

Then I shot one, and I didn’t like it. Still this is a rebuttal to yet another Idiotic video from James “Buck” Yeager.

I still don’t think I much care for them, and I think his “solution” to mag changes is still a bit elaborate. Still there are CERTAINLY places for bullpups in this world.

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2 Responses to Do Bullpups Suck?

  1. McThag says:

    His FS2000 also ejects forward, so no eating of brass.

    His lefty solution for avoiding the brass is useless with the most suxxor of all bullpups, the L85. There’s not enough eye relief in the SUSAT.

    His mag change technique also tells us that Steyr and FN thought about it longer than Enfield.

  2. Oddball says:

    His big point through out that video is that it basically boils down to training, and I’ve wondered that for a long time with the folks that have spoke ill of the bullpup concept. It’s a completely different configuration than the standard magazine forward design, so of course it’s going to fell awkward to folks that have spent a lot of time behind a more conventional design.

    When it comes down to it, I know folks that still have to look to see where to put an AR mag, and I’m still not great at rocking in an AK mag. Heck, I’ve seen “gun experts” on the TV claim that you must unshoulder a lever action rifle to cycle it.

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