End of an Error

Looks like the High-Queen RINO is calling it quits

Sen. Olympia Snowe shocked the political world Tuesday with an announcement that she would not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate.

“After an extraordinary amount of reflection and consideration, I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for re-election to the United States Senate,” the three-term senator said in a statement..

“After 33 years in the Congress this was not an easy decision. My husband and I are in good health. We have laid an exceptionally strong foundation for the campaign, and I have no doubt I would have won re-election.”

No doubt the seat was hers, when somebody has been in elected office for that long people get used to them, and they because “THE X”. Think Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, or FDR.

There’s talk on the news right now that one of the several “Progressive” Democrats wandering around Southern Maine might have the best shot at the seat. Honestly when it comes to a RINO and a “Progressive”, I’d pick the “Progressive” every time, because at least you have an honest fiend, and you stand a chance of liking the person who runs against them. With Snowe and Collins in Maine it was either the RINO or the Moonbat, and that’s a bitter pill for any conservative voter to swallow.

Who knows what the future of Maine will be, but it’ll be nice to see a new face.

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  1. Jack says:

    Tis the advantage of term limits.

    And why we won’t see ’em in Congress.

    I’m actually amazed the 22nd Amendment got through. Guess there’s some upshot to FDR’s time on the “throne.”

  2. AuricTech says:

    To be fair (says the Devil’s Advocate), Senator Snowe did routinely cast the only vote per Congress I expected from her: the vote for Majority Leader. Anything else she did that helped support limited government was, from my point of view, an unexpected (and rare) bonus.

  3. SGB says:

    No great loss to friends of freedom.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    And then there was ONE.

    During the Clinton Impeachment Trial, all the Demacommies in the Senate voted “Not Guilty” on Both Charges, and 5 RINOS sided with them. They were Chaffee of Rhode Island, Spector of Pennsylvania, Jeffords of Vermont, Collins of Maine and…..wait for it…. Snowe of Maine.

    So now we’re down to Collins. New England, it’s time to get on the Right Side of History and QUIT SENDING IN RINOS!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s the duality of New England. They’re snowy Northern States that live off of manufacturing fishing, and Farming, and they fought in the Civil war for the North. This makes them have a LONG Republican Legacy. But now the state is filled with Northeast “Progressive” ideology, and Limousine Liberals who want a pretty place for their summer home.

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