Great Video for the Uninitiated

Awesome video to pass around to those of you who might have friends or family unfamiliar with the Assault Rifle/”Assault Weapon” and Magazine issue:

I like that he took his sweet time in the magazine/reload section.

Good educational video, pass it around!

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4 Responses to Great Video for the Uninitiated

  1. Ed Skinner says:

    While I appreciate the correction in terminology and the demonstration with large versus small capacity magazines, I fear there are two problems with the approach. First, the majority of the intended audience, non-gunners, won’t find this video without significant coverage by the press which, given their obvious prejudice and the absence of horror in the video, they won’t cover. And second, for the few non-gunners that do find and watch the video, the speed with which the trigger can be pulled in the non-AR will scare the bloody hell out of them anyway.

  2. Eck! says:

    I’m with Ed on that.

    They fear that rapid fire even if its only semiauto. They think it fires so much faster than anything else. They would be happy to make all guns single shot with no magazine because they think [or attempt to] its not possible to shoot fast with one.

    What would help is another video show how fast a good bolt action can fire and maybe even a lever gun. That and a pump shotgun with rapid reload.
    Oh, and maybe what can be done with two SA revolvers.
    Having shot all of those at one time or another it’s not a big difference.

    In any case the antiguners are looking for any excuse.
    To that I still say universally NO.

    E ck!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I see both your points, but I don’t know if its a valid one.

      Yep specifically with an Enfield I’m a pretty fast shot with a bolt action, and I was making some fast range correction on the prairie dogs with a Tikka T3.

      I shoot sporting clays with a pump gun, and I’m just as quick with that as an auto-loader.

      And I’m as good with a revolver as I am with a pistol.

      Still those who are honest-to-god Hoplophobes, that’s the reason to ban those, and maybe ALL guns.

      Frankly if people want to be terrified of 10-shot auto-loaders, good, let them call for a ban.

      It would be overplaying their hand. Remember Dianne Fienstine’s new AWB bill is NOTHING but good for us. It shows they ARE coming for our guns, and that they can’t
      and we shouldn’t be willing to be reasoned with.

  3. Eck! says:


    The first point was their fears. The second is why they will still fear.
    Never great with hand guns but I used to shoot doubles skeet on occasion with a borrowed Stevens single shot. Yes, get the first one close and the second one long and pray the ejectors didn’t stick.

    In the end they fear guns, they fear the bang, they fear the dark, they are unprepared.
    In the end they get hurt because they think locks and cameras make them safe, they get complacent, and then they get surprised when reality happens.

    Who had the cake analogy, the answer is we want some of our cake back! No deal for stupid ineffective measures.


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