“Gun Death” Elevator

Elevators are very safe. They’re loaded with safeties. Unless you turn them off.

Investigators say an important elevator safety mechanism was apparently turned off when an advertising executive was crushed to death at a Manhattan office building.

A mechanic overrode the mechanism, a safety circuit that normally prevents elevators from moving with their doors open, to enable work on the midtown Manhattan elevator about a half-hour before an elevator did just that and killed Suzanne Hart on Dec. 14, the city Department of Investigation and Department of Buildings found….Hart, 41, was heading to her office at the advertising agency Y&R, formerly known as Young & Rubicam, when she tried to get into one of several elevators in the lobby of the 27-story tower built in 1926. Two other people were already in the elevator, called car 9 in the report.

As they looked on in horror, it started rising with the doors still open, dragging Hart between the car and the wall. It got stuck between the first and second floors.

Yikes! Not a “gun death”, do you care?

h/t Wallphone

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