“Gun Death” Sailboat Racing

lets look at this though the eyes of the anti-freedom nuts.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s tightly knit sailing community is reeling after a racing yacht accident near the Farallon Islands killed one sailor and left four missing.

Twelve-foot waves pummeled the sailboat during the Full Crew Farallones Race and hurled it onto rocks at the Farallon Islands, pitching most of the crew overboard. Three sailors were rescued but Marc Kasanin, 46, of Belvedere died, in the water and four more disappeared in the waves.

Coast Guard and National Guard rescuers scoured the choppy waters 27 miles west of the Golden Gate for the missing sailors until the search was called off Sunday night. There were no plans to resume.

First up, these days there’s no reason to push a boat with sails, diesel works so much better, and is safer. Also why are we racing them? This is just frivolous and dangerous.

Obviously we need to ONLY use sail craft for historical purposes, like those various Mayflower and Santa Maria replicas you see putting around, as well as the US Navy SS Constitution, but John Kerry’s Sail Yacht? BANNED and CONFISCATED! IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE!!!!

Or we could act as adults and understand that people enjoy doing dangerous things, and some of them die.

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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  1. Dwight Brown says:


    Following up on this, three more people died during a sailboat race over the weekend.

    Clearly, we have to do something about the carnage caused by these deadly assault sailboats.

  2. HerrBGone says:

    Too many day sailors seem to think that the rule that a vessel under sail has the right of way means a tanker will steer away from their 18 foot cat boat. If they even know you’re there a large ship often can’t maneuver. So you in the 6 foot pram, stay the hell away!

    I love cat boats and prams. I also love my punch buggy. But even in that I don’t push my luck around eighteen-wheelers!

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