“Gun Death” Train

“Progressives” love trains. people in Europe use them, they’re good for the environment (so long as they’re always running a max capacity) and they’re fiscally irresponsible. They are also dangerous!

According to Fort Worth Fire department spokesman Tim Hardeman, the male victim may have went onto the tracks just as the train approached.

“The individual was seen walking toward the tracks and appeared to lay down on the tracks and by that time the train was unable to stop and struck the individual,” Hardeman said. “He [the conductor] did hit his brakes but again by the time he realized that there was gonna be a problem it was too late for him to stop.”

There is indication that others used a shortcut in the area to cross the rails.

You know, the places with the most trains have the most “Train Death”! BAN TRAINS!

h/t Bob

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