He Would Know!

What better judge of success?

Former President Jimmy Carter said on Wednesday that Occupy organizers have created a “relatively successful” movement because they focused national discussion on wealth disparity despite lacking leadership and a unifying set of goals.

When you think “American Success story” you think President James Earl Carter! I mean “Economic Malaise”, double-digit inflation, and the man who started Iran down the path where today they present a very real threat to global peace and to every life form on the planet.

And of course can you think of a more iconic anti-Semite than Jimmie Carter?

No wonder he likes the Kill the Jews movement so much!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Every time I hear an interview with some Occupy activist, the line is, “We talked about this, and we talked about that, but we don’t want to make anyone come to a decision or do anything. Except the one percent!” Yup, that’ll work. . .

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Just be glad you never had him as your Commander-in-Chief! The stories I could tell that still have me gnashing my teeth!

    As for the “Kill the Jews,” didn’t Jimmy Peanut-Brain publish a book a few years back about the “Palestinian Apartheid?”

    Of course, this is the SAME Jimmy Carter who told the MSM that his “Election Observers” had discovered some “Minor Discrepancies” regarding how badly Hugo Chavez stole the Venezuelan Election awhile back. I still remember his reply: “I’m sure that all these minor details will be fixed under the Chavez Administration before the next Election.”

  3. Larry says:

    Jimmy Carter should just STFU and build houses.

  4. Daniel in Brookline says:

    Jimmy Carter fulfills a valuable public service, and has for many years now. Listen carefully to him. Then do the opposite of what he advises, and believe the opposite of what he proclaims.

    The man is so consistently wrong, about so very many things, it’s a wonder he even takes himself seriously.

    (My formative memories of Carter, by the way, were when he was President and I was growing up in Israel. In those days we didn’t think of him as antisemitic, just unbelievably naive. A cartoon of the time captured it perfectly: “Mr. President, you’ve said you’ll let the PLO participate in the peace process, if they say they won’t try to destroy Israel. Well, what if they say it but don’t really mean it?” A puzzled Carter replies: “But that would be lying.”)

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