How “Progressive” of You

Gotta love how ironically arrogant “Progressives” can be:

The state Supreme Court has made it clear that the University of Colorado can’t stop students with concealed-carry permits from bringing their guns to campus. But the chairman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly says if he ever discovers that any of his students are armed, class is over.

CU physics professor Jerry Peterson — speaking for himself Monday, not the faculty group he leads — said he wants his students to feel safe to engage in classroom discussions that could be controversial.

“My own personal policy in my classes is if I am aware that there is a firearm in the class — registered or unregistered, concealed or unconcealed — the class session is immediately canceled,” Peterson said. “I want my students to feel unconstrained in their discussions.”

OK so first even if you WANT to register your gun in Colorado YOU CAN’T, so that shows where this guy is working in knowledge of a subject he’s making a scene about. Still notice that he wants to “Engage in classroom discussions” by cancelling class!

Also he’s a PHYSIC professor. Maybe students want to just have class, and given that its a SCIENCE class, I best most people know better than he does about the “dangers” of lawfully armed citizens, and anybody with a functioning brain cell can see the fallacy of “Gun Free Zone” schools. I mean Columbine, Virginia Tech, Norther Illinois, among many others were all “Gun Free” schools, and had people getting murdered.

But yeah, I took physics courses in college…and I took them because I wanted to learn Physics and get my credits. Not listen to an uppity moonbat foster his unrelated political beliefs on us.

And he’s “fostering discussion” by cancelling class? Is that like “Demanding discussion” by gagging somebody, or “going for a run” by breaking somebody’s knees?

This is what “Progressives” pass off as “Thinking”.


**UPDATE** via Erin, No he can’t

University of Colorado Chancellor Phil DiStefano notified the Boulder campus faculty Tuesday afternoon that professors “do not have the right to shut down a class or refuse to teach” should they learn that one of their students is lawfully carrying a gun under a concealed-carry permit.

And, DiStefano added, any faculty members who do so will be in violation of their contracts and face disciplinary action.

DiStefano’s message comes a day after Professor Jerry Peterson, chairman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, told the Daily Camera that, under his own “personal policy,” he plans to cancel class if he ever learns any of his students are carrying firearms. A Colorado Supreme Court ruling this spring overturned CU’s Boulder campus gun ban, and university officials say that students with conceal-carry permits are allowed to bring guns into classrooms and labs.

Not sure if this “Disciplinary action” is enough to terminate a tenured professor, but from personal experience I’ve seen what the administration can do to a tenured professor who’s making an ass of himself and the university. I suspect this statement will be enough to shut down his little snit.

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  1. EchoVictor76 says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that it’s a physics professor. I’d expect something like that from a “liberal arts” professor, but not someone in the science field.
    I wonder what will happen to him if he does start cancelling classes because of this. Can he get fired if he cancels too many classes?

    • Jack says:

      Science fields can have their share of moonbats.

      Though in my experience math has ’em beat. Those guys can really go into some hardcore progressive/statist/communsit stuff.

      My guess is that like the Liberal Arts profs, those science guys can still be divorced from the grubby nitty gritty of real world politics and economics. Thus their pet political theories have a nice hothouse to live in.

      Also note his view on “class is canceled” being an actual solution. Either he thinks that would stop an active shooter (and hey he beleives in gun free zones) or he wants to quarantine anyone infected with evil gun germs.

    • Jake says:

      Ah, but he’s a tenured professor. It’s just about impossible to get tenure without at least paying lip service to the liberal moonbat line, even in the science and engineering fields. Plus, he’s chairman of the Faculty Assembly. I’d be seriously surprised if he wasn’t a dedicated liberal moonbat and held that position.

      “Can he get fired if he cancels too many classes?”

      Unfortunately, it’s just about impossible to fire a tenured professor. He would probably have to commit a violent felony for it to happen.

  2. Roadkill says:

    Jeez Weerd, its not like you haven’t heard of reasoned discourse before.

  3. bluesun says:

    Meh. It’s Boulder for goodness sake. Expecting anything less than full moonbatism in any form is pure foolishness.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    Hmm. Speaking from experience as a recent Collage Grad, I’m pretty sure Prof. Moonbat has had a few of his Students attend his classes Armed. I mean, I’ve NEVER had to go through a Metal Detector nor through a Security CheckPoint on any of the 3 Campuses I attended. It’s amazing what one can put into a BackPack nowadays.

    Not that I’ve ever broken the Law in that way myself, you understand. Not at all. Nope, not me. But there’s always SumDood…..

    At least, that’s what I’ve heard through the GrapeVine….

    • Jack says:

      That raises the question of how this guy is even going to know.

      Is he gonna put up a metal detector of have his TA’s frisk people and bag checks?

      Or does he just want to pretend he’s got control?

      • Weerd Beard says:

        He won’t know. I went to see “Dark Knight Rises”, and both in a “why Not?” and “What the Hell!” idea I packed on not ONE, not TWO, but THREE guns (1911 shoulder, PM45 strong pocket, Beretta 21A weak-side pocket). It was REALLY comfortable, I was surprised. After the show Christina who was with the wife and I asked “Were you really carrying 3 guns?” I’m sure she was aware of the 1911. It conceals REALLY well, but like all large guns it does have an indistinct print that if you know what you’re looking for can be seen. But its not like the Kahr or the Beretta were at all noticeable.

        I’m not against open carry, but in this case I’d only carry concealed just to keep dipshittery from happening on my account.

  5. Cargosquid says:

    If I was one of his students, I would reprimand him for insulting me, whether I carried or not. He is implying that the presence of a tool would stop discussion of ….physics? People get hot under the collar because of physics? Or is he teaching something else? Regardless of that, he is insulting everyone in his class, either implying that they are a threat or a coward. I guess students with pocket knives are also a danger to his way of thinking.

    • Archer says:

      That was my first thought. What kind of “controversial discussions” happen in a PHYSICS class!? That’s about as dry a science as you can get, without going full-blown mathematics!

      I never took “physics,” but I did take chemistry and astronomy (which is technically classified as a physics class). Both go like this: you form a hypothesis, you experiment to get data, you interpret data (doing whatever mental somersaults you feel are necessary, but which SHOULD be ZERO), you re-evaluate your hypothesis. When you’re dealing with hard, politics-free numbers, there’s really no controversy and thus no “controversial discussions” to cause students (especially ones with “E-ville guns” and therefore already prone to it) to go ape-sh!t bananas.

      This is why many of our “science departments” are filled over the brim (held in place by surface tension) with metric-tons of chemistry-grade suck and fail. That’s my hypothesis, this cretin is my data, and I perform ZERO mental contortions to conclude my hypothesis is correct. 🙂

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Well to be fair I did have a nice long conversation one evening with my Highschool Physics teacher about Tachyons, and the potential of objects moving faster than light. But that was a geeky kid hanging around the lab after the final bell. Chemistry talks a lot about Probability clouds when it comes to electron orbits….but most of the science is cut-and-dry compared to Biology that runs on a LOT more theory.

        Still the obvious point is there WON’T be any discussion, as if he discovers anybody is carrying, he’ll call it a day and probably just walk off to his office to have an early lunch and play solitaire on his computer.

        Hard to discuss the issues when your opponent has his fingers in his ears and saying “Nyah Nyah, Can’t Hear you!” But that’s what passes for “Debate” with “Progressives”.

        • Archer says:

          I forgot about the Probability Clouds, but in our class it was stated as a theory (albeit widely-accepted), all discussions on the topic were purely hypothetical, and nobody took anything personally. End result: some lively discussion, but everyone left smiling.

          Hmmm…. Sounds like a lot of the online discussions among pro-rights people, huh?

          Harder to discuss the issues when we get a Cone of Silence cast over our side in the name of Reasoned Discourse, assuming the discussion isn’t canceled as soon as we show up. The end result is the same: a whole lot of non-discussion and frowny-faces.

          • Weerd Beard says:

            Well that goes for all hard sciences and mathematics. People might have differing opinions and there might be debate or lively discussion, but its pure debate. Now go over to the more Liberal Arts side of the college, people are debating with their hearts rather than their minds, and in that you have the issue.

            When you debate with your mind both parties hear new ideas and and everybody gets SMARTER. Sometimes one party hears a better argument they hadn’t considered and they concede, but concede knowing their smarter, wiser and better for it. The person that gives the winning argument feels more confident in their understanding of the topic and is also empowered. Everybody wins.

            When debating from the heart the people are PERSONALLY invested in it. If they concede their HEART was untrue and they are a broken person. The person arguing against them has an untrue heart in their eyes. Tempers often flare, feelings get hurt and the person who loses (or storms off) is heartbroken, and the “Winner”, having an empathic heart should feel a bit of guilt for hurting another person’s feelings.

            Just look at the gun debate. Pro-gun people show statistics and numbers. Anti-gun people talk emotions. The anti gun people will NEVER concede. Meanwhile Tam has shelved her 1911s and is carrying plastic fantastics.

          • Jack says:

            And that made quote of the Day.

            I think you’re spot on. I just witnessed an abortion argument (Ryan said something evil! Oh noes), and most everyone was arguing from emotion. But not me… I wasn’t even really arguing. And… it’s not really a hot button issue for me, so I was just going from my mind. And when the other people left in a huff it was just me and some other guy talking about new developments in contraceptives. Like the “male pill”.

            Hell I didn’t even have a political dog in that fight, as I ain’t voting for Romney or Obama.

            That1911 versus plastic fantastic reminds me. At blogmeet yesterday Tam mentioned something about how double action triggers allow for more refinement of shot placement when shooting on the move versus single action.

            Because of how you have more trigger travel among other things. Interesting stuff.

  6. Erin Palette says:

    Ah, but you missed the follow-up where the Chancellor of the University said “You do not have the right to cancel classes over lawfully carried firearms, and if you do, you will be in violation of your contracts and will face disciplinary action.”

  7. TS says:

    It would be interesting to see a student declare to him that they ALWAYS carry, and this will be the only class that they never skip.

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