I Wish Him Well

Via Duck the Kroger Manager who shot a robber has resigned.

A Kroger manager who fatally shot a would-be robber in a Northwestside store in December voluntarily quit Wednesday, but not before saying he thinks companies should allow employees to carry firearms if they are licensed and trained in their use….”I do not take pride in the incident that occurred, but I am grateful that I had the option to protect myself and others,” Elliott said. “I hope my situation will cause American corporations to re-evaluate their policies. While I don’t want people who are untrained and unlicensed to carry firearms, I firmly believe that responsible and lawful gun owners are a natural deterrent to crime.”

He said he did not regret his decision to carry and conceal his handgun at work but had hoped he wouldn’t have to use it for protection….”I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life,” he said. “I hope that my character and management experience with Kroger will make me a desirable candidate for future employers.”

I wish him well. There are LOTS of employers who would accept him (given that his work history is good…and given that he’s held that position for a number of years I suspect it is) I know a few years back a local 7-Eleven was robbed and the clerk shot the robber. He was fired because 7-Eleven has a policy against lawfully held guns (the fact that 7-Eleven’s are constantly robbed, points to no such policy against ILLEGAL guns), but the clerk was hired shortly after his termination by a competing independent convenient store, and that store told every paper who would listen that they hired the guy who shoots robbers.

That store has NEVER been robbed.

So Levi Elliott, I appreciate your willingness to defend your fellow man from violent monsters, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Sigh! Untrained and Unlicensed? So Citizens in Free States like “Dude, what’s a Permit?” Vermont shouldn’t have the RKBA? Sad.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I give people like him, and the Late Meleanie Hain, and others a LOT of latitude in their statements. Its not like they’re chosen activists, they’re just regular people who were trust unwilling into the public eye.

      I can’t know what he means by “Untrained and Unlicensed”, does he mean he doesn’t support constitutional carry…or is he like most people who assume that the laws of the nation are identical to those of his state, and that EVERYBODY needs a permit to step out their front door with a pistol, and the only people in Indiana who are carrying in Kroger who are “Untrained and Unlicensed” are the people looking to rob the place….

      Your call.

      • Jack says:

        There’s also that Indiana has no training requirement to get a license.

        I wish him well too.

        I’m wondering how the negotiations really were going as it seems like he acutally resigned instead of “resigned”.

        On the surface Kroger doesn’t seem to be too bad in their reaction (counseling, continued pay, negotiations), but that depends on the details of the negotiations.

        It is a tough position, and I can see why either way he thinks the corporate policy should change. I agree with that too.

      • 45er says:

        Good points there, Weerd. I, too, picked up on that comment, but I know I probably would say things I didn’t fully think through if shoved into the spotlight.

  2. Eck! says:

    My opinion of what he said is; that if your trained and licensed to carry concealed then management is foolish and stupid to recognize that. By saying it that way it makes the gun grabbers pontifications based on fears, projections and outright silliness seem even weaker.

    While from a RKBA standpoint what he said is likely what we do not want to hear it was cleaner and less likely to wind up the erratic and illogical gun grabbers.

    In the end he knew the policy, he knew management would act badly and force it if he didn’t resign. Yet knowing that he did what he though was right and carried for the possible day it might make a difference. Such is life for the law and rule abiding.
    The alleged perpetrator he shot certainly was unable or unwilling to obey laws and

    I do hope he does well.


  3. Lissa says:

    No doubt people like us would make a point to visit that independent chain any time in the area. I hope that boosts their business too!

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  5. Suz says:

    Thanks for the update. I saw it in the local rag after I read this – the shooter went to Lance Criminal’s high school! Guess we raise some good ones ’round here.
    I’m glad I won’t have to boycott Kroger…

  6. Ben G says:

    Apparently not all Kroger stores suck.

    Take a look at the Bronze level corporate sponsor list for GeorgiaCarry.Org:

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