I’m Really Not Upset

I got upset in the Primaries. People may be tempted to compare Mitt Romney to Bob Dole, no the Bob Dole repeat was John McCain, last night Mitt Romney showed us what it would look like if the Republicans fielded John Forbes Kerry.

We had a winnable race, and we picked a poor candidate. Now I HOPE that the GOP get this message. The Left runs firebrands and wins elections, locally the GOP runs firebrands and wins elections. WE ARE NOT A NATION OF MODERATES! We’re a nation of political extremists…and a nation of people who don’t give two shits about politics and can’t name their Senators, or know the difference between the house and the Senate.

The “Undecided” Voters are the people who haven’t looked at civics since the teacher stopped handing out quizzes.

For those of you concerned about your guns, take a quick look at the Pro-Choice people. They’ve been saying for YEARS if we elect a Republican they’ll ban abortion. Hell George W. Bush was about as Bible-Thumpy as they come, he was pro-life, and for his first term he had support of the House and Senate. You see him attempting to ban Abortion? Now guns are in a LITTLE more jeopardy, but that’s just a semantic statement. The gun shops will be loaded, the hunting season will be filled with black rifles, and the person standing next to you on the sidewalk, or sitting at the next table over in the Restaurant, they’re carrying a gun.

I’m glad I’m not making predictions of pending Romney doom, but just Remember we got the Patriot Act and the first bailout from George W. Bush, and I will say that Bush was far better a President than Romney would ever be. I’ll just leave it at this, the Heller 5 will NOT be retiring in the next 4 years, and I think we have a good chance of all of them living another 4 years.

Now for those of you concerned about the 2nd Term showing the “REAL Obama”, I’ll point out this is the man who had a Super Majority in the Legislature…and he went on vacation. That’s the REAL Obama.

What we WILL get is some more expanding of government athority…but we’d have gotten that with Romney. We’ll probably see another bailout-type thing going up the pike…but we’d have gotten that with Romney. We’ll probably put troops into Libya…but we’d have gotten that with Romney.

What we DO have is a Villain. We have somebody to run against, and we have a rock solid formula on how NOT to win. I think we have some other good strategies, and I hope we use them.

Now I’m not saying Mitt Romney losing is all sunshine…it isn’t. What I’m saying is we had a shitty choice, and who won was gridlock, and I think that MAY be the best. Remember Republicans are at their most Conservative when they aren’t in charge. And Jay says it best:

Look on the bright side, at least. Mitt Romney is now officially finished in politics…

Now I’m more bummed about the local elections. Mass went straight Blue. Scott Brown lost. Uncle Says it best:

Remember how you rode the Tea Party coattails to victory. Then, after you won, you went all progressive, big government. How’d that work out for you? You got beat by a moron who thinks cheek bones means she’s an indian and practiced law without a license.

Scott Brown is a turn-coat piece of shit who couldn’t break all his campaign promises fast enough. Still he was a nice guy, and Warren is a disgusting reprobate. Bah, I’d be fine with a Democrat in the seat over a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, but REALLY?

What really breaks my heart is Richard Tisei loosing by just a handful of votes to John “My Wife Launders Money” Tierney. There was a “Libertarian” candidate (Tisei was enforced by Reason Magazine…this was a Bob Barr “Libertarian”), I suspect the big split was because Tisei is gay. Haters gonna hate.

Also we now have yet ANOTHER Kennedy in Massachusetts Politics…that SUCKS!

We also got a Medical Marijuana referendum passed. I don’t like Medical Marijuana simply because its dishonest, these laws are about RECREATIONAL Marijuana, but they need to lie. Oh well, camel’s and their noses.

Over in Maine Olympia “RINO” Snowe got replaced by Angus “Independent” King. King was the first politician I was ever disappointed in (just a statement of my start of following politics, not anything on dumb-Gus’s political ineptitude) He’s essentially a Democrat (as was Snowe) but since he doesn’t have a “D” next to his name, nobody really wants to play with him. I’ll call that a push.

Maine also re-instated Gay Marriage, as did Washington, and Maryland. Minnesota is neck-and-neck. That’s kinda big news, given that 10 years ago even leftie “Progressive” states wouldn’t vote for gays on a dare (Hell California LOST Gay Marriage when the Obama voters turned out in droves in 2008!) So there’s that. The popular vote is starting to side with gays, rather than just courts and legislators.

So yeah, we have a LOT of work to do, but I would have said that ANYWAY no matter WHO won last night, my BIG concern was a Romney Complacency, backed with a goal-oriented big-government RINO.

This ain’t the end of the world…with a little luck it WILL be the beginning.

An amusing game to play for us gunnies, is watch all the Anti-Freedom goons calling the NRA a “Paper Tiger” because gun-banning Romney lost, and save them for when they whine about not getting any new bills passed, and bad gun laws being repealed.

I’ll close with a quote from Miguel:

The decapitation of the RNC is a must. Two major presidential failures are inexcusable. We begin to hunt RINOs as of now.

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17 Responses to I’m Really Not Upset

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  2. Jack says:

    Good post.

    Failure was baked into the cake as soon as the primary got down to the last few knobs.

    I fear the Stupid Party will continue on the trajectory of not getting it. Miguel is right about the fault of the top of the party.

    There’s also that the siren call of “Free Icecream” and “No hard choices” will getcha.

    I’ve keep going back to Tam’s line of we’ll become “Europe with better gun laws.”

    Which Romney would have been pretty okay with. Maybe more the German model than the Scandi model but still…

    Hell, one election theme was that a go-getter, maybe competent, socialism-corporatism gun banner would be a firewall against another, but lazier and incompetent, socialism-corporatism gun banner.

    Yes, Romney’s loss sucks, but Romney winning would have sucked too. Less but it still would have been bad.

    Keep calm and hit the range.

    Things that can’t go on forever… wont. And then things’ll get “interesting”

  3. Well after reading that, I am feeling a little better.

    Still, I’m gonna buy some more ammo. That always makes me feel much better.

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  5. TBA says:

    Why is it the Republicans cannot get enough votes for a “conservative” to win in primaries? After all, the ONLY people who vote in primaries are those who care how the party looks.

    And the “conservatives” can’t win.

    If the Republicans would leave the social issues alone, and quit casting themselves as religious fundamentalists, they’d start to win, with no one’s liberties being trampled.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think the issue is Republicans are much bigger on resumes than the Dems, so our primaries are always older entrenched pols with a long resume, and often several primary campaigns under their belts.

      This older stock trends towards the Daddy State.

      Hell I like Paul Ryan and Rand Paul plenty, but I consider them “Rookies” as political candidates. That’s why I’m very prospective when it comes to the GOP.

  6. Very good post Weer’d. It’s high time the few of us in my generation started to step up. We’ll need sages like you and Miguel though.

  7. Vector says:

    Well said, Weer’d! I don’t have anything to add that others haven’t already, although I happily voted for Gary Johnson and walked away from the polls with a clear conscience for the first time in the five presidential elections I’ve been old enough to vote in.

  8. With the R’s retaining the house the damage O can actually do will be minimal. All of the gun haters are jumping up and down, yet they don’t realize that their agenda is pretty much dead on arrival.

    Miguel is right about Rino’s. We need to do our best to get rid of them and get like minded people in offices from dog catcher on up. The best way to get the changes we want is going to be from the bottom. If we can get city, county and state governments on our side, the rest will fall into place.

  9. Bubblehead Les says:

    Don’t buy a new hat just yet. Time to do some MATH and SCIENCE!

    Early results on the Votes cast seems to be that this Election was Won by the “None of the Above” candidate. Voter Turnout across the Board was WAY down from 2008. Which tells me that the “Silent Majority” stayed home and told that New England RINO Romney to F.O. Meanwhile, the HIGHLY ORGANIZED DemaCommie Community got out all the Votes that they needed. Also, the Republitards seem to not only have failed in the Goal to Gain Senate Seats, it seems that there is a net LOSS. Thank You Scott Brown for being a Shmuck and pissing on the folks who “what brung ya.” Hope you like hanging out with Mickey Bloomberg.

    Now for the SCIENCE! Dude, what is the Age of Supreme Court Five? What is their Physical Condition? What do the Medical Stats say about Heart Attacks and Strokes for nMen in their Category and Condition?

    Mathematically and Scientifically, it doesn’t look good for the next Four Years. And if the Republitards can’t gain Senate Seats in the 2014 Election, then if one of them goes, Obama will have a Rubber Stamp Supreme Court.

    And speaking of Health Issues, lest we forget, Harry Reid ain’t all that Spry anymore, and Chuckie Schumer is NEXT.

    And Finally, if one is asked about Abortion in a Debate, for God’s Sake, at least use some SCIENCE! when you give a reply to the question.

    So when the Kid Gloves come off next January, don’t be surprised if Obama says “Fuck the Beer! It’s time for Payback!”

  10. Joe in PNG says:

    Time to start working toward 2016.
    You know, it would be great if Gary Johnson could somehow pick up the Ron Paul supporters and go for the Repub nod again. This way they have a chance of surviving the brutal early primary shakeout.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Don’t forget 2014, we can make some noise, also the lower offices are really the places being populated by TRUE representatives of the people, as opposed to the disaster that the Presidential Primaries have been.

      The big problem with the GOP is the senior members with the clout and experience to run a successful bid for President are the people none of us are excited about.

      • Joe in PNG says:

        There is a reason I hate our primary process, and it is this. Often times the interesting candidates are gone by the time I have a chance to vote for them, and you’re left with the ‘safe, default’ guys.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I hear you, I was a Hermon Cain Supporter this season. Before that I REALLY liked Duncan Hunter, but when he vanished in an instant I thought, “Well Fred Thompson will do a good job”!

          Primaries are my season to cry, the election is just an inevitability!

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