Interesting Theory on Trayvon Martin

I’ve always suspected Trayvon Martin was twisted on drugs. Now on the Autopsy report only THC was found in his system, which suggested in his four-mile round-trip to the 7-Eleven he may have been smoking some marijuana.

Now it was brought up last night when talking about cheap street drugs on last night’s Squirrel Report that Skittles and Watermelon Tea might be an updated delivery method for “Purple Drank”.

Hmmm, well we know Trayvon was into drugs, and he was pulled away from his home town and his friends in attempts to help him straighten out his crash-course with destiny. Also a four-mile round-trip trip to a 7-Eleven at sunset in the rain?

Maybe I’m not the best example, but I’ve always been a bigtime walker. I enjoy walking and hiking, and have since an early age. When I was a teen and didn’t have a car I’d walk four-miles plus to go hang out with a friend, and we’d often go out walking to hang out. Still just to get a crappy can of sugar water and one of the WORST candies in the world besides Necco Wafers…I’m not buying it.

Getting away from Dad and Step-Mom who are probably watching you like a hawk so you can get high…that makes sense. When you also factor in the accounts that Trayvon first RAN from Zimmerman (who allegedly was still in his car), and was only a few hundred yards from home…but things ended with Trayvon beating George Zimmerman’s brains into the pavement before he to a 9mm to the heart.

This doesn’t make any sense for somebody sober…or even stoned on pot. If he was really scared for his life, why did he stop running? If he was being a “Tough Thug” and standing his ground to Zimmerman, why did he run in the first place. All speculation, but that sounds like altered behavior.

Now the Codeine cough syrup is a controlled substance, but you can still get the stuff containing Dextromethorphan over-the-counter. I will also add that I’ve had the misfortune to rub elbows with a few people who had gotten into a serious drug problem. DXM Cough Syrup is something I’ve heard is popular for young kids looking to get twisted and fly under the radar of their parents, or people who are subject to drug screening, as DXM isn’t frequently screened for.

Still from what I’ve heard its an ugly Dissociative high. For references another famous Dissociative is PCP, which is well-known for outrageous violent and unpredictable behavior, as well as not responding to pain or fear.

Again all speculation, but this stuff is very popular with the youth, and wouldn’t show up in the initial autopsy screen.

**UPDATE**A little more here and here. All circumstantial, but it all points in the same direction.

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  1. Divemedic says:

    While I think that the ZM shooting was likely justified, he was not high on cough syrup at the time of the shooting, as the cough syrups that the kids are using contain alcohol, and there wasn’t any in the tox report. Also, the amounts of THC in the blood were not high enough to indicate that he had smoked any in at least several hours.

  2. “Now on the Autopsy report only THC was found in his system, which suggested in his four-mile round-trip to the 7-Eleven he may have been smoking some marijuana.”

    A positive THC result only tells us that he smoked within the last 30 days because THC is fat soluble. Since he was on suspension from high school for possession of an empty dime-bag, it really doesn’t tell us anything about the night he was shot.

    • Erin Palette says:

      Actually, there’s a difference between THC found in the blood and THC found in the urine because of the rate of absorption. If it’s in your urine then sure, it’s gotten into your fat cells and is slowly being peed out. But if it’s in your blood, then you ingested it recently, because it THC as quickly absorbed by the body.

      I believe most tox screens test the blood and not the urine.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      In a hair or tissue sample. For it to be in solution in his blood and urine, it was pretty fresh, and he was probably under the influence when he died.

  3. Chaplain Tim says:

    Hey! You leave my Necco Wafers alone! Since they have a shelf-life measured in decades and already come wrapped in waxed paper, they are a staple in my hiking bag. Nothing wrong with some flavored sugar when you’re on a long walk in the woods.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh I’ll leave them WELL ALONE! 🙂

      Never did care for them. Still never thought of them as good backpacking food. A little sugar boost, stable, and wax paper is DAMN good stuff for getting a fire going. OK so maybe in the MRE Class of food, they’re good, but in “Hey have a treat!” class its the Halloween candy I always traded.

  4. Isn’t “speculation” exactly what gun bloggers across the internet crucified the media for?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Only in the case of people presenting speculation as “Fact”

      • But that’s pretty much what that other blogger who wrote that ridiculous dissertation on “lean” is doing. And in turn, other gun bloggers are latching onto it as if it fully explains what happened that night.

        Ok for me, not ok for you.

        • Bob S. says:

          El Bombadero,

          I must have missed where a blogger accused Travyon Martin was ON lean or any other drug at the time.

          What I have seen is a comprehensive background piece on drug use by teens, how the type of product Travyon Martin had in his possession fit in that use, etc.

          It isn’t speculation. It is fitting the known evidence (Travyon’s past drug use, twitter feeds, etc) with the events of the evening.

          Not one person I have seen has said or implied that it ‘fully explains’ what happened that night.

          I’ll also note that presenting this information is doing what the Media has not or did not — present a balanced account of both people involved.

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