Like the Sun Rises in the East

Comments are now moderated and being conveniently deleted over at the Joyce Foundation blog “Kid Shootings”

Baldr DOES have a commenting policy:

Commenting Policy
Please keep comments respectful. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

Now have a look at this thread. Now look at how it looked last night (image capture thanks to google cache). You be the judge of not only why Baldr deleted those comments (after letting them stand for several hours and RESPONDING to them) but what his motives are.

BTW Baldr has often brought up that he is no allowed to comment on this blog any longer. I don’t have a commenting policy, and thankfully I haven’t needed one to date as I’ve easily dealt with problem people on a case-by-case basis, personally and with respect. Baldr’s case is here.

Essentially the nature of his troll status and what he’s doing here are one and the same. If he can’t control the message he doesn’t want to talk. His comments here were simply Joyce talking points and personal attacks, and he refused to address any rebuttals. (Again his open refusal is published)

This is the state of gun control in America, they aren’t even concerned with winning anymore…just APPEARING to be NOT LOSING.

If they weren’t such a wretched, bigoted, and depraved lot, I might feel sorry for them. Instead I don’t, I mock them.

BTW the next time an anti talks about “Compromise” or “Cooperation”, the apropriate response is: “Pound Sand! We don’t NEED you, you keep doing what you’re doing, while we keep succeeding.”

There’s been a lot of talk about what the antis mean by “Compromise”, the bottom line is that even with OUR definition we don’t need their help. They are stupid, and they are liars, and they bring NOTHING to the table. They deserve nothing but our Mockery as we continue past them to our goals.

You lose!

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  1. Cargosquid says:

    So, tell me again…

    Why are you going over there? At least there is SOME entertainment value at Joan’s.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I dunno, writing this post was pretty damn fun. Also I LOVE how thin the Joyce Foundation is spread that this lonely dork is the best and only hope they have for the state of Oregon.

      Also it clearly shows how all antis work. Can’t show it as well when Joan does it or Baldr did it at his first blog because all comments immediately went into moderation, and given that he doesn’t even check his blogs every day they might pop up days from then…or never.

      Here he forgot to turn on moderation so we could see the little hamster running in the wheel in his head. 🙂

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