Mass Shooting in Colorado

Still early in the news to know what’s true and what’s not. Seems like somebody walked into a midnight Batman showing and started shooting. The suspect is in custody, and it sounds like he used one rifle and one handgun.

More info as it comes in.

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  1. Gerald says:

    The “expert” Only Ones are already dropping the scare words (AK-47, automatic weapon) on the news. The silly season has officially begun.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m right now watching the live local news out of Denver, and they’re even contradicting themselves at this point.

      At this early point the news agencies are all about getting as much data out as possible, even if it means eyewitnesses or 3rd hand information from people who may know little to nothing about what they’re reporting. This morning there will be a LOT of crap.

      Word is police will have a press conference at 11am Mountain Time, which is 1pm EST. I suspect a lot of the bull will be cut by then.

  2. Teke says:

    I put my thoughts up about this on my site.
    The things I know we will see is calls for gun control. Also i think we will see theaters touting that they are civilian disarmament zones, the exact thing that contributed to the number impacted in this incident.

    My wookie suit is is trying to tell me that this guy possibly has ties to the occupy movement and maybe even some association with a government informant. But those are extreme speculations.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well also for all the calls for gun control, be sure that more people will set out to get guns and carry permits.

      Seems that the message has gotten out than less guns just mean more dangerous criminals, and MORE guns is a better thing to have, especially when one of those guns is yours.

  3. Jack says:

    I’ll wager that the “moral gaurdians” will also blame the super hero movies too.

    Like how they’ve been blaming video games and before that comic books.

    Look to see alot of “need” being thrown around.: Nobody needs to carry in the theater. Nobody needs body armor. Nobody needs $evil_rifle_du_jour.

      • Jack says:

        That they are.

        And there’s already the “CCW’s are Cowards for not stopping this” being baited around. Which shows the assumption that a) a CCW person was even in attendance but moreso b) that it is the duty of anyone carrying to be everywhere and protect everyone. This from the same folks that call CCW wannabe cops.

        Also while there’s plenty of jumping at “The Founders said no right to automatic weapons” there seems to be a theme of “rapid firing weapons not used for hunting.”

        And then there’s the preening of the Euros bragging that they have “zero fear of gun voilence”. Right, pull the other one it’s got bells on.

        • Jake says:

          Oh, they certainly don’t have any fear of gun violence. Because they honestly believe that gun bans work, despite any and all evidence to the contrary, they aren’t afraid of it. That has nothing to do with reality, of course, but that’s what they feel.

  4. Ian Argent says:

    What’s the odds was or ought to have been a prohibited person?

    • Jake says:

      I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Who knows. I suspect when it comes to shootings like this the shooter is a hardcore nut and anti-social with mental problems. The problem is that our current system lets so many of them fall through the cracks. Cho was adjudicated as mentally ill and “a danger to himself and others”, but was sentenced to VOLUNTARY mental health treatment. Loughner was tossed out of the army and his school and was frequently interacting with the police…but they never felt the need to charge him with any crimes, so he wasn’t prohibited too.

      News reports are garbage right now, but I heard a news report that the guy they arrested had a relatively clean record. But again this is all noise at this moment. More will clear up with the next police press conference.

      • Sailorcurt says:

        I read a story linked on drudge this morning that claimed when the perp’s mother was contacted by Police, her reply was something to the effect of “you’ve got the right guy”.

        Which tells me that this was not without warning signs that people either ignored, dismissed, or didn’t care about.

  5. Cargosquid says:

    “And then there’s the preening of the Euros bragging that they have “zero fear of gun violence”. Right, pull the other one it’s got bells on.”

    Anders Behring Breivik

    four victims at a Jewish school in Toulouse killed by a gunman


  6. Bubblehead Les says:

    Since that idiot in Alabama pulled his crap last week, and last night’s Colorado Massacre, I’m wondering if the White House is scrambling to put out some kind of gun banning “Imperial Edict” to appease the Anti-Gunners. After all, they’re part of his Base, and he needs them to Vote, not just stay home in Protest. Plus, even if it’s Totally Unconstitutional, that’s never stopped them before, right? And if any one wants to stop it, well spend 5 years taking it to court.

    Personally, I’m starting a new “Campaign.” It’s time to “Shoot BACK, America!”
    Get your CCW, Carry Your Gun, and be ready to “Shoot BACK!”

    I’m sick and tired of these Nutjobs thinking they can just go into a Crowd and pull the Trigger on Kids. Let THEM eat some Lead for a change instead of little boys and girls.

    • Jack says:

      Good idea. That also seems to be what the antis really fear.

      Here’s an example of an MSN talking-head doing moral equivilance and bemoaning that some people might want to defend themselves.

      Because, in the anti’s eyes law-abiding citizens wanting self protection are just as guilty as criminals and mass murderers. And while “Lunatics like this will always try and get guns” “America has got to do something about its gun laws” and can make it “be 100,000 times harder” to get guns.

      Translation: Yeah yeah, the crazies and criminals will always be able to kill whenever they want, but we sure can go after Joe and Jane average and their rights.

    • Teke says:

      I’ll support that campaign.

      The fact that this guy was able to surrender to police without a mark on him has given me a major case of blistered red ass.

      If the early reports of body armor are true then he wanted to walk away.

      • Jack says:

        If he mouths the right words: blames the right people and spins the right “narrative” he can become the next darling of the left.

        The next Mumia, Ayers, Kimberlain, ect.

        • Rob Crawford says:

          Compare the left’s attitude towards Brandon Darby — who stopped violence — to their attitude towards the Unabomber — who they’re turning into one of their saints.

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  8. Old NFO says:

    AMC is a gun free zone… Oh wait, that’s just for HONEST people, not criminals… I wish somebody HAD shot that bastard!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Of course the sticky point is would it have done any good.

      Robb Allen is probably the most “Heavily armed” of all the gun bloggers I know, in that his every-day carry is a Glock 20. With two spare mags (I don’t know how many reloads he carries) that’s 46 rounds of 10mm. That’s about as much gun as anybody realistically carries to an evening movie, and he went to gun blogger summer-camp with Todd Jarret, and does IPSC. Cops generally carry about four reloads, with a G17 that’s 86 rounds of 9×19…maybe +P (76 if its a full-size Glock in .40 or .357), and some of them are scary good shooters.

      Even with that skillset and loadout, I wonder how effective they would be against this guy who both was using armor, and long guns.

      This guy appeared to be the perfect storm of crazy and smart. I would say the same thing about Tim McVegh or Ted Kazinski. Crazy enough to something so brutal and pointless as this….but smart enough to pull it off, and never question their own actions.

      Thank God they are rare birds indeed….

  9. Cargosquid says:

    To paraphrase a LEO interview, “Do I wish that an off-duty cop was there with his side arm? Yes. But a half dozen or a dozen people that haven’t carried a weapon in a dangerous situation….no.”

    So, 71 dead and wounded is BETTER than the DANGER of a missed shot hitting someone because they are the ONLY ONES that are trained. I’ll remember that the next time an innocent person is PURPOSELY killed when the cops invade the wrong freaking house.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      This guy also doesn’t look at many cop shootings vs. CCW shootings. Cops miss, hit innocent bystanders, and straight-up shoot people who don’t need to get shot a a MUCH higher incidence than people with CCW.

      Some of that is the job, cops are in situations all the time that I would NEVER put myself in…such as knocking at the door of a known criminal, or pulling over a car for a suspected violation.

      But I think a huge chunk of it is CCW holders are self-selecting people who WANT to carry a gun. Cops are people who want to be cops, but don’t necessarily think much about the gun part. Further training regimes are outright lousy for police, and nobody in their right mind would consider that to be even vaguely enough to keep a skillset sharp….

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