Money Where There Mouth Is

The antis constantly harp on “The Cops are Well Trained”, and Gunnies look at the quals and say “That isn’t very hard”. Well Barron and Joe put there money where their mouths are.

Discussion here, here, and here.

BTW the person who was beating the LAPD drum was Joe’s troll Ubu52. Guess who has NOTHING to say about all this effort? This is why they are trolls, not “reasonable arguments from the other side”.

Its not much of a crime for Ubu, as it looks like everybody had a good time, and of course this video is invaluable for future arguments (especially with the added honesty of A) Showing the gentleman who had some difficulty with his new retention holster, and B) Pointing out that they had to make the course HARDER to adhere to the rules)

Still I think back to my days arguing with various trolls, by digging up unbiased sources and court law, only to have your work either deleted in “Comment Moderation” or simply ignored.

They have nothing, and we have EVERYTHING, can they please save us some time and run up the white flag and leave the battlefield…and maybe the country?

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2 Responses to Money Where There Mouth Is

  1. Greg Camp says:

    The Rand Corporation study of NYPD qualifications tells us that in Bloomborough, a cop has to be able to hit stationary (and stationery) targets at seven to twenty-five yards at least seventy percent of the time. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about staying away from New York City.

  2. Jeff says:

    Very cool video. I bet my 9 year old who just shot his second USPSA match could come very close to passing that qualification. I will have to set some of those stages up and see.

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