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I keep following this story, and it seems every time I check the wires, I’m rewarded, and every turn it looks more and more like it was a jackboot raid rather than a lawful arrest.

First Reason is dropping the hammer on the SWAT team. Go read the whole thing as they provide a LOT of background on how the local door-kickers operate, including linking this video.

That murder was ruled “Justified”. Remember you’re allowed to defend yourself when a criminal kicks down your door…but if the person kicking down your door is Police, then they’ll kill you!

And more from the parents. It does appear he had the standard depression and anxiety, and was choosing to treat it with marijuana rather than drugs. I’ll just say as I type this I’m currently treating my ADD with Caffeine rather than deal with the cost and side-effects of prescription medication for what is essentially similar results…and a better taste! But overall it seems that besides smoking, and growing an illegal weed, he was an upstanding citizen.

This is VERY telling tho:

The Stewarts have not been allowed to see their son at an undisclosed hospital. And they don’t know what happened when the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force entered the house with a search warrant.

Michael Stewart said his son kept a handgun for protection. But he said that his son’s shotgun had been in his parents’ possession for years and he didn’t have any automatic weapons.

Michael and Sonja Stewart say they can’t understand why the strike force would execute a search warrant the way that it did, knocking down the door and rushing into the residence.

If Matthew Stewart was sleeping or listening to music in his back room, there is a good chance they would not have heard police announce their arrival.

“If they had done some research, why not arrest him at Walmart?” Michael Stewart said.

“I’m hoping the citizens of this state can look at what’s happened here and rethink the drug war,” he added. “Are we losing the drug war?”

This is looking more and more like the wanton abuse of Police power. If they didn’t feel like they might encounter armed resistance, why bring a SWAT team? If they felt the suspect was armed and dangerous…but was gainfully employed in the community, why not arrest him at work or while he drove on public streets? And why again for somebody who was growing a few pot plants?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. George says:

    If they didn’t feel like they might encounter armed resistance, why bring a SWAT team?

    Because SWAT teams are expensive, and police departments have to justify their existence. So they call them out for all kinds of things. Unfortunately, they serve warrants by kicking in the door and shooting people…

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  3. Ruth says:

    Caffeine works very well for some types of ADD, and I say that as someone who used to take medication for it, and now just takes coffee.

  4. Calm Gun says:

    SWAT teams are used when they shouldn’t be. Note how the police will not use SWAT to take down a really bead guy. They try to lure the really bad guy to a location and make a peaceful arrest. In cases like the one in Utah they get to dress up and play stormtrooper.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend over the last couple of years. There has been a rash of stories where very small time local dealers and drug users are getting the Full Weight of the Federales via the DEA and the FBI and other Federal LEOs coming down on them. Notice this “Drug Task Force” had a DEA Agent assigned to it. Combine this where all those Medical Marijuana Shops were recently raided and shut down. Yet, how many large Drug Rings do we see being taken down? It all seems that it’s the local dude. Hell, we just had a shootout up here yesterday where a FBI Drug Bust “Sting” went South and a couple of people were shot. (see for details).

    BUT, we also know that the DEA and the FBI has been involved in the “Fast and Furious” Scandal. Something tells me that somewhere in the Obama Administration, someone has picked “Winners and Losers” for some Drug Cartel, and is getting rid of the Competition.

    But hey, Al Capone used the same tactics to gain power, so it’s an old Chicago Tradition.

  6. Ted N says:

    Can’t be using the SWAT thugs on the really bad guys, they might get hurt or damage some equipment. Practicing their door kicking on us nobodies, that’s fine and dandy.

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