New York Reload!

North Totally cracked me up with this comment!

“***Joins Weer’d and Michael on the couch, two 16oz, high fructose corn syrup sodas, one in each hand***”

New York reload.


For those not familiar with the term a “New York Reload” is when one drops and empty gun and draws a backup gun. Now carrying two 16oz Sodas is the new “New York Reload”!

Well Played!

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  1. TS says:

    Did Bloomberg consider that when you buy a 16oz fountain soda from a fast food chain it is 8oz of soda, and 8oz of ice?

    • Bleddyn says:

      Yes, they did. If you want your cup to contain less than 4 inches of ice, you have to apply for a tax stamp for your Short Ice Recepticle.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I never put ice in my fountain soda. Those soda lines need to be pre-chilled anyway to dispense, and ice just takes up room for sweet-sweet beverage!

  2. North says:

    Of all your children you love me the best.

  3. On the “New York Reload”. I give you a graphical demonstration.

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