Not Just for Two-Legs

Carry your gun! It may not be a rabid person you have to defend yourself against!

New Hampshire officials say a teenager walking his dog in Hopkinton was attacked by a coyote and is receiving a course of rabies shots as a precaution.

A Fish and Game wildlife biologist called the Wednesday attack on a human “highly unusual’’ and said they believe the coyote is rabid because of its uncharacteristically aggressive behavior.

Officials believe the same coyote attacked a dog in Hopkinton earlier in the week. The dog survived, but required veterinary care.

Fish and Game officials say the teen, whose name was not released, was walking the family dog in a wooded area near his home when the coyote approached. His dog ran and the coyote attacked the teenager. Officials say the teen punched the coyote repeatedly in the nose until it ran off. The teenager was scratched and possibly bitten by the coyote.

Nobody lives in a coyote-free zone. And certainly not a dog-free zone. Defensive guns aren’t just for criminals, lions and bears.

Carry your gun, it could save your life!

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  1. SGB says:

    Threats comes on four legs as well.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    The family dog ran?!

    Sheesh. Time to consider a new dog.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      I know not all are like this, but some dogs just aren’t up to protecting someone.

      They usually do a good job of alerting people, but I think it’s silly when people forego other defensive measures because ‘I got a dog’. Just because it’s huge doesn’t mean anything either, some of the biggest breeds are big babies.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Dogs are their own dog (to spin a phrase) and have free will. They can panic and desert, or they can show amazing bravery. Just like with other people, you can only trust yourself 100%.

  3. karrde says:

    In my area, the City Animal Control agency has said that there are definitely coyotes inside the city. They recommend avoidance, but I guess that’s because the City doesn’t want to encourage it’s citizens to shoot things.

    There haven’t been many stories of coyotes attacking people, but there are occasional ‘missing-pet’ stories.

    @Rob is right, the family could use a better dog.

    Honestly, even a walking-stick is better than nothing when attacked by a coyote. A gun is better than nothing, also.

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