Odd Guns

Man this guy makes some great videos, and has a REALLY cool collection.

Love the “Original Box”

Also like the “Laser Pointer” Have a look at that neat action in …eh…action!

And last this is really cool!

He didn’t say, but I assume it run off a similar “Jetfire” action of the small Beretta blowback pistols that also have a tip-up barrel…but this in is 9mm Largo which is ballistically almost identical to .38 Super Auto, and .357 Sig! Also that cocking lever ALMOST makes a good point for carrying with an empty chamber…almost, but really there’s good reason why we don’t see guns like this around these days.

Cool stuff!

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  1. Erin Palette says:

    What’s the point of a tip-up barrel on a pistol with a cocking lever?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      It DOES kinda defeat the point, doesn’t it. He notes that the guy who invented the lever did NOT invent the pistol. I think he installed his widget to the pistol he had the rights to.

      Yeah with my Beretta 21A I ALWAYS load the gun to +1 at the range. Racking the side on that gun is exclusively for cleaning, and for clearing malfunctions.

      • Tam says:

        But how does racking the slide on a pistol without an extractor clear a malf? 😉

        (When I carried a Jetfire or Tomcat, I always kept a loose round in my off-hand pocket, so as to avoid having to run the slide manually in case of a dud primer..)

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Yeah it totally changes a bunch of administrative handling of the gun. I remember the first 21A I handled was loaded. I attempted to clear it, and racked the slide like 3 times just watching that head staring back at me, until I flipped the barrel release and flung the live round across the room.

          That oddity was why I bought one! 8)

  2. Ratus says:

    Speaking of odd gun stuff; have either of you seen the Czech hollow 48gr 7.62x54R


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  4. russe11m says:

    You post LifeSizePotato’s videos and don’t post the weirdest of them all, the Dardick magazine fed revolver?


  5. Pablo Jiménez says:

    Hi, I’m a Spanish former militar. The Jo.Lo.Ar. pistol was designed in 1924 by José López Arnaiz (look the two first letters of the names and the surname became the gun’s name). It was manufactured first by a small company “Calixto Arribalazaga” and then by the most important “Star-Bonifacio Echevarria”, in the industrial city of Eibar, Basque Region (in Northern Spain, next to French border).

    The “Jo.Lo.Ar.” pistol was chambered in several calibres: .25 ACP (6,35x16mm), .32 ACP (7,62x17mm Browning), .380 ACP (9x17mm Short/Kurz), 9x23mm Largo (the Spanish militar version) and in .45 ACP (the ones sold to the Peruvian Army). All of them, even in the most powerfull calibers, worked by blowback action. They used single-stack magazines (from 7 to 9 cartridges, depending on the calibre).

    That strange lever in the left side is used to cock the gun only pressing it with the index finger. The “legend” says that the first Jo.Lo.Ar was made for the famous Spanish General Millan de Astray, that founded the “Spanish Legion” (like the French “Légion Étrangére”: until the 1960´s, half of Maroc belonged to Spain and the other half to France). That general (that became a genocidal fascist during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39) was lame, one-eyed and one-armed by some injuries during the wars in Africa in the 1910´s and 1920´s, so he needed a gun he could be cocked with his only hand (probably it isn´t true: the Jo.Lo.Ar gun was used by mounted units in Spanish and Peruvian Armies: the soldiers could shoot it with one while they rode a motorcycle (or a horse) with the another).

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