Oh Hells Yeah! BABY GEESE!

When Bluesun made my banner he had NO idea of my LOVE for baby waterfowl. Yeah, they’re awesome. Sadly I didn’t have my good camera when I went for a walk today, so you have this crappy shot.

It does not do the fluff any justice, but trust me, the Fluff was EPIC!

Its pouring out right now, but I’ll see what I can do to get some good shots before these guys disappear. Its for the good of the town that all nests that are found are sabotaged, and all babies that hatch are rounded up for an end I can only assume. I don’t disagree with it, but I don’t have to like it right now.

Hopefully more pix in the coming days!

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  1. McThag says:

    Baby vermin!

    By the time we get them here in Florida they’ve grown into poop distribution systems we’re not allowed to look cross-eyed at or the EPA will smack our pee-pees.

    A pity since I recall Canada’s Honkers being pretty tasty from back in the day when they were shootable.

    Are they still shootable in other places?

  2. maddmedic says:

    We have a pair of Mallards occupying our bird feeders every morning, my MBWITW has dubbed Maynard and Mildred.
    We expect to see little ones anytime and I am suspicious they are around, but heavily guarded due to the neighbors cat running loose all the time, a terrible accident may befall that damn thing, so hopefully I will get some pics to tease you with!!
    Of the little duckings!! Not the terrible paintball accident which may happen to said cat.

  3. Paul B. says:

    I’m more of a fan of baby ducks. The geese like to nest in mooring points along the docks of NYand Philly. Have to take a rope’s end to them to avoid being bitten on the bedoynyas.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Cute now, NOT so cute later… sigh

  5. Jake says:

    So, are they ready to be juggled yet?

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