On Denny Henny

Bitter discovered that Dennis Henigan (Who my spellcheck thinks should be “Shenanigan” and the spellcheck is right!) under the cover of darkness has departed the Brady Campaign.

First I’ll note that the salad days of gun control are LONG gone. Back in the 90s gun control was a bi-partisan issue (hence why RINO Paul Helmke was president then) and it was a winner too! The NRA could only play defense, and the New Media was quick to parrot any anti-gun talking points, and donors would line up to help the cause.

It has since become not only a Democrat issue, but exclusively a “Progressive” issue, where moderate Democrats support the 2nd Amendment, and the most anti-rights Republicans attempt to portray themselves as hardcore gunnies. This is why Helmke was shown the door, as having an R after your name went from a asset to a hindrance, as the Republican donors vanished, and the remaining donors were the political types that saw ANYTHING with an R after their name as pure evil, even when it was the likes of Helmke.

Now gun control is a poison pill. Neither Presidential candidate (both of whom I categorize as “Gun Banners”) won’t discuss the issue, and when they do, they often speak of support of the Second Amendment. Their money is also drying up, as former donors find other places to put their money.

This means mercenaries like Helmke, Hennigan, and Hamm have simply abandoned the sinking ship. They hate freedom, and guns, for sure, but did their job simply for the money. Now the only supporters are the cult-like true believers who will read opposition reports and not see a single word, but support for gun control, no matter how outlandish or illogical.

This is good for freedom, as people this out-of-touch with reality have a VERY difficult time at recruiting new members to the fold.

Also worth noting is that Hennigan has joined Hamm at Tobacco-Free Kids. A quick look at that website shows its just a site for imposing putatively expensive labels on tobacco that are proven not to work, and educating people on what they already know, that smoking isn’t good for you.

Hell I was talking to my neighbor the other day, and I learned that he lost his mother when she was very young to emphysema…he was smoking a cigarette while he told me this. Let that sink in.

Really Hennigan and Hamm have left one loser dishonest group for another. Its in their nature I guess.

I can’t wait to write the Obituary for the Joyce Foundation and the Brady Campaign.

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  1. Bitter says:

    Back in the 90s gun control was a bi-partisan issue (hence why RINO Paul Helmke was president then)…

    I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but some facts on the history of the gun control movement are pretty relevant to the analysis of what might be happening. Helmke never worked for the Brady Campaign in the 90s. Hell, it wasn’t even called the Brady Campaign until 2001. Helmke didn’t start until 2006. In fact, Helmke was Mayor of Fort Wayne from the late 80s to 2000, so he spent the entire decade in Indiana, not working for gun control in DC.

    The leaders during the 90s included: Charles Orasin and I didn’t quickly find his political leanings, but he moved on to work at Defenders of Wildlife; Richard Aborn, a Democrat; and Robert Walker, who worked on the Hill for a Democrat and one Republican who ended up leaving the party and has swung so far left that now the guy backs Ralph Nader & Barack Obama.

    In other words, the group that would become Brady Campaign was actually quite partisan in the 90s.

    Also, Helmke did speak with the press after he left that he only left because the board didn’t renew his contract, he wanted to stay on at Brady. Therefore, I don’t think your statement that they have purposefully fled a sinking ship is really accurate when it comes to Helmke.

  2. I love seeing him referred to as Denny Henny. “The bullets are falling! The bullets are falling!”

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    There’s been some speculation that the various Anti-Freedom Groups will come under Mickey Bloomberg’s MAIG Umbrella. He’s SUPPOSEDLY not going to be Mayor again. But he’s too Rich and Egotistical to just stay home and Day Trade. And Soros is getting really old. So, although they might be moribund and irrelevant today, I wouldn’t be putting up Obits just yet.

    After all, we were told Communism died when the Berlin Wall came down a Generation ago, correct? Yet when I look at this Administration’s Policies….

  4. Tom says:

    With a group like Brady (and even NRA) it always comes down to fund raising and your contribution to it. This may by my own fear of mortality speaking, but Brady seems like it’s going for a younger look and feel, and Helmke isn’t either. Dan Gross is younger looking. Colin Goddard is obviously younger. Guys like them will appeal more to the Facebook demographic. CSGV is pretty much the same. There are only so many old busy bodies like Joan P out there to whom Helmke might have had an appeal. The under 30 crowd is Brady’s (and gun rights advocates’) future.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Tho the majority of anti-rights boots-on-the-ground forces are all baby boomers.

      Collin Goddard and Ladd Everitt are anomalies in field of aging Marxists.

      But that under 30 demo is what they’re going for, I just don’t know if they’ll be successful, especially with all the FPS kids who decided to play with REAL guns for a change.

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