On Free Speech

We talked about this video on The Squirrel Report last night

Now under the 1st Amendment Chick-fil-A, The mayors of Chicago and Boston, and this creepy bigot ALL had the right to say what they wanted to say. Also the bosses of Mr. Creepy had every right to cut their losses with that goon and give him his walking papers.

Really the only point where the 1st Amendment comes into play is when the Government officials (Tom Menino, and Rahm Emanuel) decided to flex their GOVERNMENT muscle to keep a lawful business out of “Their Town”.

Also while Mr. Creepy got his walking papers, I hop Miss Drive-Through got a promotion, its HARD to be accused of bigotry and hate you don’t have in your heart by a total stranger on what I assume was a LONG hard and tiring day. She really made the company look good, and I hope they took that into consideration.

Also on a final note, how about that tag-line “I’m a nice guy, and I’m a heterosexual, there’s not a gay in me!” closer really exposes his black little heart. This reminds me of the “Progressives” we have around here who “love black people”….but wouldn’t be a huge fan if one moved into their street. No, you’re not a nice guy…weather you’re gay or not isn’t really a concern to me…but it obviously is a major concern to him, as he needs to share it with perfect strangers who he’s already showed his ass to!

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  1. North says:

    I’m not weerd or anything, but I know weerd people. In fact some of my best friends are weerd. Not that there is anything wrong with being weerd or anything. People that are weerd are OK, but I’m not weerd myself. I fully support those people. Shit. I didn’t mean to say “those people” because they are just like you and I, they just happen to be weerd. And not like me because I’m not weerd, notthatthereisanythingwrongwiththat. But not like me.

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  3. Archer says:

    Wow. Massive KUDOS to the Lady in the window (and I use and capitalize the word “Lady” intentionally). At a few points she looked like she was about to break down in tears, but she never lost her composure.

    Also, Fox News reports the ass-hat behind the camera has lost his job over this. His (former) company did not tolerate the self-promotion, bigotry, and downright cruelty to the nice Lady. KUDOS on them, too.

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