On Marriage

There’s a bunch of talk about this noise.

First up, I don’t like Newt because I don’t like Authoritarian Busy-Bodies. I didn’t like Bush, I didn’t like McCain, I don’t like any of these dickheads.

Still the fact that Newt likes to keep his prick damp with the flavor-of-the-month doesn’t really get on my Radar.

First, Newt’s ex is an idiot. He was plugging her while he was married to wife #1, and suddenly she’s surprised when he treats his marriage to her with the same respect and reverence as he did wife #1? This is the same stupidity of Maria Shcriver being “unaware” that Arnie was impregnating the help. The dude was a wild cocksmith when he was courting her, and she thought she could tame that beast?

Now I’m not going to say all Men are pigs. I know lots of Men who are faithful to their wives and girlfriends. I also know some guys who are compelled to cheat. I also know some people who are in open marriages or have other such exceptions to exclusivity, and if both parties agree to the ground rules they work out about as well as any marriage (ie some do and some don’t).

I just don’t get the folks who think their partner will do a 180 change once they wrap a bit of metal around that 3rd finger.

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  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    I understand why people might care about infidelity, since it can say things about them in other ways in regards to morality. Personally I’m with you though, I don’t really care about their personal stuff all that much. I think the media wastes far too much time on trivial crap rather than more important things like who’s funding who and what their voting record is like.

    Even the birth certificate thing with Obama didn’t matter to me all that much since I personally don’t care if they were born in this country, only if they’re a legal citizen. It just seems like everyone who didn’t like him latched onto that, which would be impossible to prove at that point with the backing he had, instead of all the other reasons he might not be well suited to the job.

  2. North says:

    I wouldn’t want to watch them boink, I tells you that.

  3. Linoge says:

    I have little respect for a person who cannot keep his word.

    And, for that matter, anyone who votes for Newt is as stupid as his second wife.

  4. Borepatch says:

    What I don’t get about Mrs. Gingrich #2 is why her legal name is still “Gingrich”. It would seem to me that if she’s as mad as an ol’ wet hen at him, she’d change it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I don’t know any Divorce who when all the smoke clears, the dust settles and everybody picks back up and carries on really has any desire to talk about the bad times to any extent. Sure you might hear a quick dig, or some crazy story capped with “Thank god I divorced that bitch/bastard!”, but from my experience you’re even more likely to hear stories of the good times before things went pear shaped.

      Sadly I’ve talked to a LOT of Divorcees, to know that Mrs. Gingrich MkII is a really odd duck.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    What Bugs me most is the fact that Newt went after Clinton for Cheating on his wife while Newt was Cheating on his wife.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. “But Clinton was Impeached for Lyng under Oath!” And why was he under Oath? For Cheating on his Wife.

    Yet we’re supposed to Elect Him President under the Premise of “My Private Life is seperate from my Public Life?”

    Say what you want about Obama and Romney, I’ve never heard any reputible News source say either man cheated on his Spouse.

    Newt’s already proven he’ll break the Marriage Oath, so why should keep his Oath of Office?

  6. cargosqsuid says:

    Love him, hate him, don’t care….

    THIS is just….. beautiful….


    Video of the debate. Newt HAMMERS the moderator for acting as Obama’s attack dog instead of a neutral moderator.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I don’t much care for him, but damn he is indeed the anti-Rick Perry. I dislike Newt on all his issues and where he stands but damn he sounds good up there…meanwhile Perry overall is a solid candidate but can’t seem to convey that he’s smart enough to mop the stage after the real candidates go home when he gets on stage.

    • Boyd says:

      “the destructive nature of the media… makes it harder to govern”

      WTF? That is the fracking PURPOSE of “the media”!
      The problem isn’t that the media make it harder to govern, it’s that they most often sit around reading government press releases and sniffing where everyone else has pee’d. For g-d’s sake I didn’t get 20 seconds into that (my first exposure to the debates this cycle) before it confirmed everything I’ve thought about “presidential” “debates” and moved me downward on the depress-o-meter from “slight funk” to “holy sht” regarding the latest election. And who the [email protected]|| were all those people that were cheering?? He landed an easy rhetorical b|tch slap because he didn’t like getting called out on breaking his vows. It may be that that’s none of our business, but does that make it a wedge someone should get cheered for?! Not in my book! At best (for Newt and anyone who thinks violating a vow is “private”) it should be “no big deal” but it’s not a blow for goodness. Wish I’d trademarked “hell in a handbasket” back when Carter was running, I could buy a serious mountain redoubt with the residuals and not be stuck yelling “you kids get offa the lawn” here in suburbia. Hard. Times. Coming. Boyd K

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  8. Critter says:

    Newt would make a wonderful white house chief of staff. but the prez?

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