“Progressive Religion”

I’m really impressed by the irony of this piece:

It finally seems to be dawning on many Americans that there’s something to this climate change thing. The historic drought has been hard to ignore. While belief in a long-term trend because it’s hot out right now is a bit ridiculous, it’s a start.

You can see a shift in how the media covers weather. The statement “because of climate change…” is often stated clearly without caveats such as, “what some scientists think may be a warming planet.” You see it in the UN calling for action to help the hungry cope with rising food prices “in an age of increasing population, demand and climate change.”

And you see it in the growing number of mega-corporations — including America’s Alcoa, Coca-Cola, Cisco, HP, J&J, Nike, and P&G — signing on to the “2 Degree Challenge Communiqué,” a call for the world’s governments to take strong action to slow greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change is basically accepted as fact the world over. But you wouldn’t know it watching our political conventions (or at least one of them). So while the world seems to be waking up to a fundamental, existential threat to our species (and not to “the planet,” which will be fine with or without us), the US policy debate remains mostly deaf, dumb, and blind.

Catch that? “Climate change is basically accepted as fact the world over” without presenting of facts. There’s the whole “Its hot outside, so its Global Warming!”, but of course the converse of “Damn its cold, global warming must not be real!” is not allowed!

Also he talks a lot about “innovation”, “Technology” and “Green Jobs” without ever giving concrete evidence to any of them. Just “Coal power is bad, so shut it down!”, but never an address of how we’re going to keep our lights on after the plant is shut down.

Climate Change is the all-powerful “Progressive” deity. Everything is proof of its existence, and nothing can ever disprove it. Is it hot out? CLIMATE CHANGE! is it Cold out? CLIMATE CHANGE! Floods? CLIMATE CHANGE! Drought? CLIMATE CHANGE? Hell if the global temperatures just sat at the same temperature from the same day in 1968, it would be CLIMATE CHANGE stalling the natural fluctuations in weather.

And the elephant in the room can NEVER be acknowledged…that they made it all up! If the science is settled, why did the scientists make up their data? Oh yeah, “Fake But Accurate!”

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  1. Jack says:

    Or if “the science is settled” how come there’s no Climate Change hypothesis that present theoretical predictions that can be verified against experimental or natural phenomena?

    All their computer models suck: put in data up to ten years ago, have them run forward ten years and they won’t match the present.

    And that’s just correlation matching! The most basic form of model verification. That’s not even getting into confriming dependence on individual variables.

    And until you present a theory that’s falsifiable all you’re arguing is religion in a lab coat.

  2. JDRush says:

    All a scam to keep their government checks coming.

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