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Just showed a co-worker the Singer 1911 Jay has a picture up of here.

He’s not a gunnie, but he is a computer geek, so I mentioned about the various WWII companies that put aside their usual wares to make guns and ordinance, like IBM making M1 Carbines.

QOTD: Him: “Fedora should make an assault rifle!”
Me: “That would be cool…sadly it would likely just be a receiver, and you’d need to patch in your barrel, action, and trigger group.”

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  1. Oddball says:

    What does it say about me that I instantly thought “hmmm… sudo rpm -i barrel”
    Quickly followed by “but I like apt-get so much better!”

  2. Knitebane says:

    You’re thinking Gentoo.

    A Fedora assault rifle would be just like a RedHat assault rifle but it would be forbidden to have Red furniture.

    I’m liking this analogy thing.

    That makes the AR like Windows. Overpriced, fragile and rife with design flaws but everyone and his brother is used to them and therefore rabidly defends them as “features.”


    • karrde says:

      Actually, I think a Gentoo one would require a plate of metal, a lathe, and the ability to input the instructions into the lathe. But once you do instruction number 20 on the list, the lathe kicks into a complex automated process that turns out all the parts. Ten hours later.

      RedHat version would come with a bunch of parts you would have to assemble yourself, and allow you buy off-the-shelf mod kits for. But it would come with a rock-solid support from a professional RedHat smith.
      The mod kits can be used without the RedHat Mod Utility, but it would make maintenance and installation harder.

      Fedora would be the same parts kit as RedHat, minus the branding and the support.

      Ubuntu would be complete usable rifle out-of-the-box, but it would be harder to modify than RedHat or Gentoo.

  3. ExurbanKevin says:

    Apple: Reliable, accurate. TERRIFIC ergonomics, but it only comes in their proprietary calibers.

    Windows: Popular, workhorse AR’s that have an unfortunate tendency to kaboom if not cleaned regularly.

  4. Wally says:

    I know nothing of your OS jokes….

    But I am the incredibly proud owner of a rifle made by Firestone Tire & Rubber… and I’m one lottery ticket away from getting it’s big brother made by Sunbeam – yes as in the toaster company.

    I’ve fondelated a few Singers over the years, and I’ve also played with a pair of US&S 1911s. Rock-ola M1 carbines come to mind too, as well as International Harvester & National Postal Meter. Can’t forget the Guide Lamp (GM) M3 grease guns either. Saginaw ran a whole mess of JMB’s lazy “cock it twice” MGs.

  5. I have no idea why, but the vintage 1911 of my dreams would be one built by Singer. Has been ever since I saw one many years ago. For an M1 Carbine, it would have to be an International Harvester. Not because I think they would be better (in either case) but because it would tickle me to own firearms made by those companies.

    Not very likely that I would be able to afford either in this lifetime, but a guy can dream can’t he?


  6. Phssthpok says:

    Why has no one pointed out the obvious?

    A ‘fedora’ manufactured ‘assault rifle’ would by default be in the ‘Tommy-gun’ platform!

  7. kfg says:

    The Ubuntu rifle: Depending on how it’s assembled it might look like an M1 or an AR from the outside, but when you try to strip it down you don’t recognize a damned thing.

  8. Linoge says:

    Machine Code – You have a pile of iron ore over there, a pile of copper ore over there, and a shovel. Best o’luck.

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