She is Queen Awesome!

Alan pointed me to her, but this needs to be posted!

She’s Crass, she’s adorable, she’s informative! I want her to be my best friend! Its also really neat to see the syntax of ASL which is NOT English as some may think.

Gotta love some of the phrases, I’d never heard of many of them, and I’m a crass bastard!

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  1. mike w. says:

    Nothing wrong with nice bottoms, nothing at all. Heh. 😛

  2. HerrBGone says:

    ASL is such a cool language! I spent some time (trying to) learn sign when my nephew was young. Unfortunately, since I don’t get to see him much these days my ASL mussels have atrophied. That said, I gotsta tell a story…

    A long time ago, back when Six Flags Over New England was still called Riverside Park I and a couple friends went there for the day. Along with up came my kid sister who also happens to be that very same nephew’s Mom. We were both fairly conversant in sign at the time. So anywho, rather late in the day Blondie chose go on the giant swings for her last ride of the day. The rest of us watched from the ground. Each time Blondie came round to the front of the ride she and I would continue our conversation. In sign. At one point she misread something I said and signed back to me:

    Right hand palm down, thumb and index finger making an “O” with other fingers extended and slightly separated. Wag extended fingers while moving hand away and to the right with wagging fingers in the lead.

    I immediately responded with:

    Circle face with right index finger.

    Right hand palm down, index finger, thumb and pinky extended, ring and middle fingers curled up to palm. Move hand away and up to the left pointing in the direction your hand is moving with your index finger.

    She made a big shocked face, crossed her arms and pouted for the rest of the ride.

    The two friends who’d just witnessed this exchange said, in stereo “WOW! What did you say to her?!”

    I simply explained that she’d called me a “flying A-hole” and I asked her “Who’s flying?”

  3. As far as tell can I, American Sign Language really not has a syntax.

    Though sure deaf people would say my Sign like an eleven year old, it is.

  4. Say it was easy to learn, will I, speak the words and Sign the language at the same time, could I. With French not exactly possible.

  5. All I can say is I think I have found someone new to be infatuated with. She’s talented, isn’t afraid of being crass (which denotes a no BS type of personality), cute, and has a certain “spunky” quality. She gets free rent.


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