Spent Yesterday at Wally’s, and Boy Is My Ass Sore

WOW, a bunch of us gathered at the York Arms factory in Maine with proprietor, commentor, and all-around machine-gun mad scientist, Wally.

It would have been a small job, except the roof pitch required staging which doubled the job. We got about 95% done and everything weatherproofed before the sun went down.

It was close to 13 hours on a roof, Four total roof Monkeys. No injuries.

“Gunplay” for the day involved me doing an 8-round burst from a 10″ Full-auto .300 Blackout M4. (BTW I was amazed at how low the recoil was. I’ve shot a full-auto AK-47 and 7.62×39 in that heavy rifle is controllable, but it boots your shoulder…this didn’t feel too different than shooting a 5.56×45 M4 full-auto.)

So lugging shingles and squirreling around on the roof for about 13 straight hours has left me S O R E!

Having breakfast and then heading home.

I must say it was a fun weekend!

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  1. Paul B. says:

    Doesn’t matter if I was putting on a roof for a naked Salma Hayek holding a tray of bacon and $100 bills. Nothing, but nothing is going to get me up an aluminum ladder with roofing shingles on my shoulder.

  2. ZerCool says:

    My sympathy. Roofing is hands-down some of the hardest most miserable work there is. My neighbor and I did mine over the course of five days in 2010. As per usual for me, it ended up being the hottest week of the summer. Shagging fifty bundles from the garage to the top of our two-story farmhouse sucked.

  3. Wally says:

    Weerd, thanks again for the help. Super appreciate it !

    PS you never did help me with those splinters!!

  4. Brigid says:

    Oh, most definitely a fun weekend!

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