Brother of one of the Aurora victims doesn’t like the blood of his sister being danced in:

Well put. I’m so sorry for your loss, and so sorry you have to deal with the jackals who see your sister’s death as nothing but political capital!

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  1. D2k says:

    A guy I work with knew her, I had vaguely interacted with her on twitter once, it’s a little odd how there are so many people I interact with on the internet and then suddenly something happens to one of them.
    The internet makes this world smaller and everything hits a little closer to home, hopefully this will help the world in the long run.
    I’m glad Jordan has spoken out the way he has, he articulates well and he is very genuine in what he is doing to make this about remembering the victims.

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  3. Linoge says:

    Yet another “gun violence” victim the anti-rights cultists are going to hate

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