The Plot Thickens

On that boy shot by his dad during a B&E Attempt:

Tyler Giuliano had no trouble with the law. The teenager loved flying small planes as a Civil Air Patrol cadet and seemed happy as he played an online game with friends Wednesday night. But hours later, authorities say, Tyler was outside wearing a black ski mask and wielding a knife when he was shot by his father, who thought he was a prowler.

No immediate charges were brought against Jeffrey Giuliano, a popular fifth-grade teacher, in the slaying of 15-year-old Tyler, who was gunned down in his aunt’s driveway next door to his own home in New Fairfield around 1 a.m. Thursday….State police said the shooting happened after Jeffrey Giuliano got a call from his sister next door saying that someone might be trying to break into her home in their neighborhood of attractive colonial-style houses. Giuliano grabbed a handgun and went outside to investigate, troopers said.

He confronted someone in a ski mask and opened fire when the person came at him with something shiny in his hand, police said.

When police officers arrived, Tyler was lying dead in the driveway with a knife in his hand, and his father, in a T-shirt and shorts, was sitting on the grass. Detectives informed the elder Giuliano several hours later that he had shot his son, Vance said….Police were investigating whether the father’s gun was registered.

So Dad is a teacher in Connecticut, the older neighbor was the kid’s Aunt. The “Shiny Object” was a knife. Also sounds like Dad did everything right. Maybe you could say he should have called 911, but it was a “maybe robbery” at the time of the call, and Dad had a gun, so why bother the Police on what COULD just be one of those odd bumps in the night. Also Dad didn’t know it was his boy until police examined the body, which says he didn’t manipulate the body after he shot him.

The fact that the kid had no criminal record, and was in the CAP means nothing, as for the kid’s character or respect for the law.

This story is a CRAZY mess!

**UPDATE** I quoted it, but forgot to mention it, but the Police haven’t yet figured out if the pistol was registered? Here’s more stupidity of the registration system. The records are probably like Massachusetts which are all electronic, and they had the gun in hand, as well as the owner. So they have the owner’s name and address, as well as the gun’s model, make, and serial number. Why can’t they get the registration (or a solid case that the pistol was never registered) within hours of the records office opening the next morning?

Registration has no purpose except to aid in future confiscation!

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6 Responses to The Plot Thickens

  1. Bill Baldwin says:

    I don’t think things are what they appear to be. I also won’t be surprised if we find out that there was some strife in the family between the boy and the aunt.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah was talking about this story over lunch with the wife, and she and I both wonder if the aunt either had some items of value, or maybe some desirable medications that the boy was interested in.

      I suspect Dad had a good idea what his boy was up to that night (or Morning, as this was after Midnight), and frankly I don’t blame him for not sharing that information with the press.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Yeah I just read that myself. Another interesting, and possibly unrelated factor.

        Again, I think Dad has some relevant information on why his son was clad in a ski mask attempting to break into the occupied home of his aunt at oh-dark-thirty while carrying a knife.

        I don’t expect Dad to share this information, as he’s been through a hell of a lot, and with a criminal trial unlikely, I doubt this information will become public via the Police.

        On a similar vein I knew several honor students who are now very successful professionals now who used their knowledge of chemistry and physics (and concocting recipes right out of the chem text books) to make bombs. Essentially these were just glorified cherry bombs (tho the BATFE might beg to differ) and it was all rather dangerous stuff.

        My point is good kids sometimes do stupid and dangerous things, and sometimes good kids dying is part of that equation. Also on the other hand, with Trayvon Martin, we see bad kids doing bad and stupid things, and being made out to be angels by grieving parents as well.

        Really it isn’t relevant if there are no criminal charges. Dad shot his kid, and was deemed in the right by the law. That’s where it ends for us bystanders. For the family it’ll probably never end until Dad goes on to meet his maker.

  2. George says:

    Unless things have changed since I lived there, CT does not have a registration law. You are required to go through an additional state police background check on a purchase, and I can only assume that they track the serial numbers then, but there is no requirement to register pistols.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Thanks for the info. I didn’t look up the law, but I thought I remembered some wonky CT law about registering handguns and/or “Assault Weapons” there. I know CT gun laws reflect its status as “New York’s Little Bitch”, and Rhode Island is Connecticut’s little bitch. (Surprisingly enough those two states are two of the five states I am NOT licensed to carry in!….the others are Illinois *naturally*, Wisconsin, and oddly Washington)

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