Tone Deaf

Found this article via Joan Peterson.

Rundown: Guy holds a big shoot on his farm once a year where everybody brings their favorite guns from the pedestrian .22s to M2 Heavy Machine guns. This year sombody’s 7mm Arisaka WWII rifle gives up the ghost. Sounds like the rifle wasn’t in good shape to begin with, as in the report claimed it had a hairline crack in the receiver. Maybe this was rifle that shouldn’t have been shot, maybe it was dumb luck. Either way one man and one boy suffered minor injuries.

Joan is pushing this story as a scare tactic, and I think its hilarious at how warped her world view is that this story merited her posting. Now we talking about gun accidents here, as well as safety issues, as well as negligent behavior. I’m an honest man, Joan is NOT and honest person at all. She never talks about justifiable self defense, (when she DOES talk about a clean shooting she attempts to vilify the justified party), she doesn’t talk about safety course or safety measure, and certainly would never talk about fun recreational shooting.

But she talked about this. First up its a WWII bolt-action rifle in a caliber ballistically similar to most modern hunting calibers. Second is this statement that we all take for granted, but people who have never spend any time sport shooting might be surprised with:

He’s been doing this for YEARS, and hundreds of thousands of rounds are expended every year, and this includes heavy full-auto weapons. This is the only injuries, and they are minor.

Shoots like this are REALLY common, and serious injuries are extremely rare, so rare that they’re still talking about this horrible story from back in 2008, and this case was a very young boy who was allowed to shoot a micro-uzi which is an EXTREMELY difficult gun to shoot, even for grown men with extensive full-auto experience. This was a major error by the organizers of the group, not anything inherently unsafe about the shooting sports. The fact that this case is STILL being talked about, and despite it being a local story to me, its being talking about NATIONALLY because there aren’t any other similar events.

While the above is technically a story about two injuries at a machine gun shoot, its really a testament to the safety of the shooting sports.

Joan of course doesn’t see this at all. This is how rational she is.

In the end shooting machine guns is safer than waiving pom-poms!

Think about that!

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    Just goes to show she wants to ban bolt action hunting rifles as well.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Duh! You go to the same websites I do, you’ve seen people ask antis “So what guns is it totally OK for me to own? What guns would you NEVER want to ban?”

      You’re probably like me that you are actually surprised if you see a NEW stock dodge for that question.

      They want to ban ALL GUNS. Bolt Action hunting rifles (AKA Armor Piercing military-style sniper rifles) to .22 target pistols (the proffered weapon of school shootings), to .22 single-shot carbines (Near silent weapons used by assassins and poachers).

      Of course thankfully with defensive guns just flying off the shelves and assembly lines, and conceal carry permits, and expansion of liberalizing self-defense and carry laws, the 2nd Amendment really can’t be framed in the “Hunting and Sporting” context anymore, but even if it was, the number of AR-15s in deer blinds, and tree stands, as well as the number of semi-auto shotguns (that honestly since the browning Auto-5) have been a mainstay in the duck blind and dove fields, really they are OPENLY calling for bans of hunting and sporting guns.

    • Cargosquid says:

      Of course she does. No one needs a sniper,…um, hunting rifle anymore.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    Her site is tanking in comments. Either she’s not posting any or her readership, ie, US, have decided no to play anymore. She’s making NO attempt to seem reasonable, using nothing but anecdotal spin.



    • Weerd Beard says:

      Joan has essentially nuked her comment section. The truth is simply to painful for her to bear.

      • Greg Camp says:

        Odious Bubbleson, aka Jason Kilgore, has stopped comments altogether on New Trajectory. Joan blocks my comments, so I don’t bother trying any more. Joan, especially, claims that she wants a rational discussion about guns, but what she really wants is a chorus to sing her tune.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I don’t think Joan has called for discussion ever since her little questionnaire actually got massive and rational response and she knew she wasn’t dealing with toothless backwoods troglodytes.

          Also I’ve noticed her comments have gone from 100+ to 2-3, and most of them her comments or Kilgore’s.

          That’s not happenstance, that’s intentional.

  3. McThag says:

    One must be very careful with them 7mm Arisaka rifles. They can have the same heat treat error as the early M-1903’s have; especially late war examples.

    Something about getting all distracted while making them…

    Then there’s the possibility someone stuffed the wrong 7.7x58mm in there at one point. The 7.7x58mmSR Type 92 is higher pressure and could be forced in by someone single minded enough. That could damage the receiver in ways not visible.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Another Arisaka danger is that there were potmetal training guns designed to only use some wimpy training load or blanks and while they COULD chamber and fire 7mm military ammo…just the results would be catastrophic.

    • Wally says:

      Well if the boy’s dad had inspected the rifle and found a hairline crack, what exactly was he thinking about shooting a marginal-at-best design with a known defect?

      Wonder if dad has a Mum embossed in the forehead…

  4. SGB says:

    Joan is a stultifying intellectual Laggard.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Oh, Joan’s Straw Clutching as usual. What the REAL question that needs to be asked is this: How does one get invited to the Shoot? That’s down in OldNFO’s neck of the woods. And since he knows EVERYBODY… ; )

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