TSA Doing What They Do Best

Shutting down airports for nothing.

A bomb scare that shut a terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for 90 minutes on Friday morning was caused by a passenger carrying what he said was a water filtration system in his checked baggage, an official said.

Police questioned and released the man without charges after the materials were determined to not be explosive, airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said. He declined to identify the man because he was not charged….Witness Bev Aho of Eden Prairie was at the Humphrey terminal when she and other travelers were evacuated by authorities around 5:15 a.m. as she was entering the terminal for a flight.

I’m sure that made an awful mess for people’s flight plans. And for what. Oh and this shining light!

Passengers who were already inside the pre-screening area were allowed to stay in the terminal, but anyone arriving after the discovery of the package was diverted to the parking ramp across the street from the Humphrey terminal.

So did they really think this was a bomb, or that an attack might be happening? So why keep the people INSIDE the terminal around?

Another victory for the TSA! Good work, guys!


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  1. Greg Camp says:

    How’s about we rig up a net bag that will drag along on a cable about five hundred yards behind the airplane. That way, we can put any damned thing that we want in it without any trouble. My vote would be for stuffing it with TSA agents.

  2. Scott says:

    Not sure how to send a direct message to Weerd Beard so I thought I would post this here since it is related to the TSA….This was on Defending people today: http://blog.bennettandbennett.com/2012/04/tsa-agents-violate-texas-law.html#comments

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